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attached by its base (as certain anthers to their filaments or stalks)

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7 mm long, basifixed, forming a tube around the stigma; pollen bright yellow.
5 mm, basifixed, narrowly triangular, spreading, golden-brown, the cells somewhat turgid, lustrous, translucent, the margin entire, the apex acute; fronds erect, 35-65 cm long; petioles 20-35 cm long, 1.
2 cm long, linear-saggitate, yellow, basifixed, apiculate and 2 with short slips at the base ; pollen yellow.
0 mm, lanceolate, castaneous, shiny, basifixed, the apices acute, margins distally ciliate, the cilia 0.
At maturity, a cyperaceous stamen consists of a stretched filament and a basifixed, introrse anther with two thecae, each with a longitudinal stomium between the two pollen sacs.
3 mm long, basifixed, yellow; pollen yellow; style ca.