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a sexually produced fungal spore borne on a basidium

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This mobile copper bound to the untreated surfaces and provided protection against germination of basidiospores, even those of at least one copper-tolerant fungus (Choi et al.
neoformans by production of smooth, elongate cylinder- to rod-shaped basidiospores (7).
Our results show that basidiospore infection dominates also in these species, and only a small proportion of thalli colonized a substrate volume comprising more than 2 sample points (Table 4).
Infestation of vigorous trees in case of trunk type of evolvement is possible only with the help of basidiospores.
Indoor molds Rank Mold type n (%)detectable Geometric mean (GSE) 1st Basidiospores 179 (98) 143 (17.
Table 5 presents the non-viable fungi (spores) results indicating the presence of basidiospores, botrytis, Cladosporium, hyphal elements, and Penicillium/Aspergillus type spores.
High concentrations of two groups of fungal spores, basidiospores and ascospores - emitted from such sources as mushrooms, moulds, and rusts on plants - had a significant association with early wheezing at age 2.
Using electron-scanning microscopy, Wu (2000) describes the way four basidiospores in Shiitake are formed on a basidium.