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pertaining to or characteristic of fungi of the class Basidiomycetes

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Basidiomycetous Inonotus (Phellinus) tropicalis osteomyelitis in pediatric and adult X-linked chronic granulomatous disease.
Mittlebach M, Yurko AM, Nocentini D, Nepi M, Weigend M and Begerow D (2015) Nectar sugars and bird visitation define a floral niche for basidiomycetous yeast on the Canary Islands.
lignin peroxidases, manganese peroxidases, laccases, tyrosinases) in basidiomycetous clades (Luis et al.
The majority of isolates in this study were ascomycetous yeasts (510, Table 2) compared to basidiomycetous yeasts (389, Table 3).
Systematics of the anamorphic basidiomycetous yeast genus Trichosporon Behrend with the description of five novel species: Trichosporon vadense.
Mineralisation of 14C-labelled synthetic lignin and ligninolytic enzyme activities of litter-decomposing basidiomycetous fungi.
The ectomycorrhizal symbiosis is established mainly between woody gymnosperms and angiosperms and Basidiomycetous or Ascomycetous fungi.
Fruit bodies of Basidiomycetous and Ascomycetous fungi were collected weekly throughout the 2000 and 2001 growing seasons, identified using taxonomic keys, and photographed.
In vivo and laccase- catalysed decolourization of xenobiotic azo dyes by a basidiomycetous fungus: characterization of its ligninolytic system.
laurentii which is a basidiomycetous encapsulated yeast, also found in the droppings and cloacal samples of pigeons.
Fatty acid composition of cold-adapted carotenogenic basidiomycetous yeasts.
flavus, and basidiomycetous fungi; culture plates exposed inside the refuge showed a similar fungal profile, suggesting that the indoor environment may have played a role in the patients' infections (25).
Antagonism in vitro of Trichoderma species against several basidiomycetous soil-borne pathogens and Sclerotium rolfsii.