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placenhrs (1), Stereum sanguinolentum (l), Unidentified basidiomycete (1) White spruce White spruce White spruce Western redcedar SD = standard deviation at 2 years.
White filamentous fungi were reisolated from both controls and in some treated boards and were identified as basidiomycetes using specific DNA primers.
Purification and characterization of a phenoloxidase (lacease) from the lignin-degrading basidiomycete PM1 (CECT 2971).
The fruiting bodies of a basidiomycete fungus, Lactarius hatsudake, have long been used as antitumor and antiviral agents in Chinese folk medicine (Mao, 1998).
Basidiomycete fungi are the principle microbial decomposers of wood, and in order to better control and understand wood decomposition, a method to rapidly identify decay fungi and an understanding of their physiological functions in wood decay are necessary.
About 76 percent of the samples from the wing sections, 43 percent of the lateral abutments, and 41 percent of the water section hosted at least one basidiomycete (Fig.
Lignin--modifying enzymes of the white rot basidiomycete Garnoderma lucidum.
DNA was amplified for sequencing by polymerase chain reaction using the basidiomycete ribosomal DNA primers ITS-F and ITS4-B (Gardes and Bruns 1993).
2008 The genome sequence of the basidiomycete fungus Laccaria bicolor provides insights into the mycorrhizal symbiosis.
This material is significant, as it was collected in high mountain areas between 1400 and 3000 metres above sea level, confirming Cogan's (1971, 1977) assumption that Afrotropical representatives of the genus Suillia may be chiefly restricted to afforested mountain areas, where the climate is more moderate and larvae are able to develop in basidiomycete fungi.
The unicellular yeast Cryptococcus, for example, is a basidiomycete and a pathogen characteristic of immunocompromised patients.
Degradation of crystalline cellulose by the brown-rot Basidiomycete Fomitopsispalustris.
II: The Identification of teonanacatl, a narcotic Basidiomycete of the Aztecs.
All around the second-growth vegetation, the fallen trees and branches rot and crumble offering hiding places and food to a vast array of basidiomycete fungi, slime molds, ponerine ants, scolytid beetles, bark lice, earwigs, embiopteran web spinners, zorapterans, entomobryomorph springtails, japygid diplurans, schizomid arachnids, pseudoscorpions, real scorpions, and other forms that live mostly or exclusively in this habitat.
brasiliensis, since high N contents can inhibit mycelial growth of other basidiomycete by repressing lignin degradation (KAMRA; ZADRAZIL, 1986).