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the fruiting body of a basidiomycete which bears its spores on special cells

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Our results indicate that yield and the presence of the antioxidants selenium and ergothioneine in the basidiocarps may be enhanced through selected cultural practices.
Basidiocarps gelatinous when fresh, yellow to dark brown, superior surface pilose, inferior surface with few folds, 3.
After full colonization of the substrate, the mushroom started to form the primordia which mark the initiation of the formation of the fruiting bodies or basidiocarp.
boninense were further confirmed when several affected palms developed basidiocarp at seven months after inoculation and revealed necrosis on the longitudinal sections of the dissected bole at the end of the experiment.
Chiejina and Olufokunbi confirmed that basidiocarps can be easily induced by burying the sclerotia in soil [5].
Based on the clamp connections, the production of basidiocarps and the susceptibility to cyclohexamide (Mycosel agar), the fungus was identified asS.
Basidiocarps of Pleurotus nebrodensis was purchased from the institution of domestic fungus in Chengdu.
stromaticum could reduce formation of fruiting bodies, or basidiocarps, of the witches'-broom fungus by 99 percent when brooms were in contact with the soil, and by 56 percent in brooms remaining on trees.
Similarly, Lane (1995) compared the ectomycorrhizal basidiomycete community of pinyon pines at one cinder site and one sandy-loam site and found that 60% of the ectomycorrhizal types did not match with basidiocarps found at the same sites.
Basidiocarps were dug out by using a sharp knife with great care and photographed.
During this process, spore prints of a variety of strains were obtained by placing sulfate papers under mature basidiocarps for 24 h in a sterilized Petri dish that was completely sealed.