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the fruiting body of a basidiomycete which bears its spores on special cells

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Supplementation of the substrate with sodium selenite (Na2Se03) results in increased selenium content in mycelia and basidiocarps (Werner and Beelman 2002, Stajic et al 2005, Beelman and Royse 2006).
brasiliensis, in axenic cultivation, efficiently convert substrate with low C:N ratio (high N content) into basidiocarps, the use of this method for commercial purposes may become economically viable.
Moss and lichens were abundant on the tree from the ground to the lowermost basidiocarp.
Basidiocarp development requires temperatures of 12-15[degrees]C.
Chiejina and Olufokunbi confirmed that basidiocarps can be easily induced by burying the sclerotia in soil [5].
Basidiocarps of Pleurotus nebrodensis was purchased from the institution of domestic fungus in Chengdu.
stromaticum could reduce formation of fruiting bodies, or basidiocarps, of the witches'-broom fungus by 99 percent when brooms were in contact with the soil, and by 56 percent in brooms remaining on trees.
Basidiocarps were successfully grown using rice straw and sawdust based formulation as substrate in the fruiting bags [19].