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a statement of fundamental facts or principles


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Sauer drew heavily on knowledge gained solving casting defect problems, developing casting processes and establishing material specifications to highlight how technological advancement can be combined with sound, basic foundry practice.
In the following recipes you'll find cook-and-freeze basics plus good things to make with them.
As an innovator of new small appliances, Back to Basics vigorously protects its products and has itself initiated multiple litigations against Hamilton Beach for its infringement of Back to Basics' intellectual property.
Westside Union School District trustees have approved new math teaching materials on a pilot basis in some classes, despite parents' complaints that the curriculum slights basic skills.
With the mission to successfully combine "Family, Food, and Fun," Back to Basics offers a range of kitchenware products that help people enjoy making the foods they love.
Chris' simple approach to fitness and nutrition has won her many fans," said Back to Basics CEO Randy Hales.
Other Back to Basics product categories include small appliances for making hot drinks, popcorn, and icy treats, in addition to a co-branded Disney Kitchenware Collection.
By fostering a better understanding of the value of BPM, BPM Basics will help increase awareness of how BPM contributes to increased corporate performance.
Still true to the company's heritage, today Back to Basics Products Inc.
By adding a stir stick, dispenser valve and other design features to the typical blender, Back to Basics has innovated the entire blender category while bringing convenience to the kitchen for millions of consumers worldwide.
The Jump$tart Coalition recently released a survey of more than 4,000 high school students in 33 states, which measured 12th graders' level of knowledge of personal finance basics.
the basics they need to start their collection, including an
Nanotechnology in the San Francisco Bay Area: Dawn of a New Age" explains the basics of nanotechnology - research and devices that operate on the scale of nanometers, or billionths of meters.
Highly Productive, Low-Cost Solution for RosettaNet Basics