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Hence, the objectives of this study were to evaluate the basicity, acid neutralization capacity and physical properties of CPC-[Ca.
Evaluation of the basicity of the slag melt is essential for determining the possibilities of interaction of the component of the slag with each other and, most importantly, with the components of the contacting phases (metallic and gas).
On the basis of preliminary calculations, these molecules are also likely to show some gas-phase acidity and/or basicity.
These two types of chemical species differ in their basicity, nucleophillicity, and ionization potential; as a consequence, their chemical reactivity and biotransformation may follow different pathways, resulting in several nucleophiles (62).
Although various scales were proposed in measurement of acidity and basicity of a solid surface, the Gutmann's approach which involves acceptor and donor numbers expressing the ability of the probes to act as electron acceptor and electron donor, respectively, is the most frequently used.
Calculation of the raw material mixture for the production of sulfoferrite clinker produced by glandular and sulfate modules and characterizing the resulting SFC mineralogical composition, namely basicity sulfoferrite calcium and its percentage with respect to belite [2, 11].
20) No significant color changes were detected indicating that the coatings process had not introduced significant acidity or basicity to the particles.
S become very important in some cases as to work with a low basicity system.
2]-content for the range of the considered compositions with basicity B between 0.
The test substance is chosen in such a way as to ensure that its interactions with the compounds placed inside the column reflect its specific properties: surface size, acidity or basicity of active foci on the surface, as well as polarity and solubility parameters.
After 3 hours of grinding, the number of acidic centers increases significantly, while on further grinding the super-active centers show increased basicity.
Surface acidity and basicity were calculated on the basis of the assumption that 0.
Generally the organic compounds having heteroatom O, N, S has higher basicity and thus assists corrosion inhibitor [36].