basic training

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the initial period of training for new military personnel

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After basic training you may be given the opportunity to work towards a qualification such as Level 2 Award/Certificate in Forklift Truck Operations or Level 2 Award/Certificate in Forklift Truck (Counter-balance) Operations.
For more information regarding Wing Chun Women's Basic Training course or for more information about West Coast Wing Chun, call Lo Si Kimmy Squiers at 562-426-1949 or go to http://www.
He said that in the past, too many Reserve Airmen were being sent home from basic training due to academic failure, disciplinary issues or medical problems.
6) Basic Training posters can be displayed throughout the farm as food safety reminders for all employees.
It feels great to have completed basic training and my ambition now is to have a long and successful career.
CDATA[ Hesder students will aid civilian populations in national emergencies that occur during learning period prior to their basic training.
This was he who could not, or would not, complete the basic training in the Royal Marines.
TROOPER Jordan March, aged 17, of Dunchurch is the youngest recruit to have passed his initial basic training.
The latest census included 648 academies providing basic training during 2006.
Researchers randomly assigned roughly 5,000 female Navy recruits at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois to get either a placebo or vitamin D (800 IU) plus calcium (2,000 mg) every day during basic training.
Navy in June of 1943 and attended basic training in Sampson, NY.
The center provides initial Basic Training to recruits and advanced training for Non-commissioned and Commissioned Officers.
Players must complete basic training before accepting missions.
Basic Training for the Supernatural Ways of Reality
As to education or training, the Tories were rightly condemned for putting masses of unemployed people into basic training courses in the 1980s - which only resulted in the unemployment figures being massaged and many worthless certificates being issued, eg, for a combined course of a few weeks bricklaying, woodworking, etc.
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