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a metal that is common and not considered precious

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For the basic metal, it was stated that the five-stage kinetics of the deformation in a field of high-amplitude tensions with the characteristic deformation peaks corresponding to the processes of speeded up cyclic undurability and following durability in the first 25/150 cycles of loading (Macdonald et al.
However, the basic metal and alloy industry, manufacture of basic iron and steel, manufacture of motor vehicles and manufacture of railway tramway and rolling stock industries are an exceptions, where higher growth rate of output is noticed in post-reform period.
These major sectors are electrical machinery, machinery except electrical, petroleum products, miscellaneous manufactures, transport equipment, paper and paper products, wood and wood products, furniture and fixtures, basic metals, rubber and plastic products, beverages and leather products, the NSO said.
External defects: deepened holes in the basic metal, craters, burned holes and pits in the line of the joint can be defected by visual inspection or by optical devices.
Most of the investment from Japan was in basic metal products and electrical and electronics products.
The projects combine basic metal and woodworking shop techniques with alternative material sourcing and lateral design paths.
Recognising the need for a basic metal detector and transport system Fortress have recently added a compact new design to their range of products.
Basic metal designs range from classic to contemporary and include Sahara, with a delicate openwork design; and City Lights, which features a curved metal frame and duo-tone finishes in blue, red, black, gold, pewter, silver or gun metal.
Through 1998, the highest number of ISO 9000 certificates have been issued to the following groups (ranked in order): electrical and optical equipment; basic metal and fabricated metal products; machinery and equipment; construction; and the wholesale and retail trade.
There are three approaches to formulating the basic metal powder: elemental building, master alloy, and prealloy.
Essentially, the company has created a binding process that securely adheres a polyurethane inset to the basic metal horseshoe, thus making the shoe more durable and beneficial to the horse.
2 %, followed by other 10 major sectors that posted two-digit increases, namely: electrical machinery, transport equipment, machinery except electrical, paper and paper products, miscellaneous manufactures, wood and wood products, basic metal, leather products, beverages and rubber and plastic products.
Mining, building materials and basic metal manufacturing sectors ranked first in terms of the value of financing, hitting RO9.
The noticeable achievement in the past four years is the setting up of new competitive and productive industries in the fields of energy, petrochemicals and basic metal industries," said Al Mansouri.
While Middle East investments in the past have mainly involved the manufacture of basic metal products, the focus now is in oil and gas industries, finance and the halal - permissible in Islam - food and services sectors.
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