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pig iron containing a high percentage of phosphorus

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Basic Iron, Steel and Ferro-alloys, Cast Iron and Steel Tubes, Cold Rolling of Narrow Strip and Forming, Drawing of Iron and Steel.
The SSI UK steel plant in Redcar ceased production last October and now figures from the Office for National Statistics have revealed a staggering 37% year-on-year slump in UK basic iron and steel manufacturing IAN FORSYTH/GETTY IMAGES
8% in seasonally adjusted manufacturing production of basic iron and steel products for the three months period ended in November 2011 against the earlier three months ended August 2011.
However, in basic metal and alloy and manufacture of basic iron and steel industries, this value is turned to be negative significant but negative insignificant for textile sector in post-reform period.
The first section presents tables of information on types of manufactured goods--for example, office machinery, basic iron and steel, lighting equipment and electric lamps--and breaks down value added per employee, wages and salaries per employee, costs of input materials and utilities, costs of labor, and operating surplus for each country.
However, the decline was offset by higher prices of basic iron, steel and ferro-alloys.
Most Syrian basic iron and steel supplies are already allowed into member states duty free.
If one excludes coke and refineries, basic chemicals, basic iron and steel, basic non-ferrous metals and motor vehicles (which together accounted for more than half of manufacturing gross domestic fixed investment in 2005) then manufacturing investment hardly changed in real terms from 1995 to 2004 (Figure 3).
2 per cent spike up in basic iron and steel and ferro alloys.
Another area that has very recently produced important new information for our understanding of basic iron metabolism and erythrocyte pathophysiology is that of the illicit use of r-HuEPO or similar drugs for blood doping of competitive athletes.
8 percent gain in manufacturing production in the fourth quarter, propelled by advances in basic iron and steel, chemicals, motor vehicles and textiles.
Although quite light, this is a good, sturdy basic iron at a reasonable price.
Iron is finally precipitated in the form of basic iron sulphate - jarosite.
Basic iron casting markets in such typical areas as pipe, automobiles, steelmaking, railroads and ordnance have undergone profound change, reducing market demand over this period by 61%.
The Talbot system reduced steel costs primarily by lowering material costs by substituting cheaper basic iron for hematite, whether purchased on the market (cols.
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