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pig iron containing a high percentage of phosphorus

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8% in seasonally adjusted manufacturing production of basic iron and steel products for the three months period ended in November 2011 against the earlier three months ended August 2011.
7% in seasonally adjusted sales of basic iron and steel products for the three months ended November 2011 against the earlier three months ended August 2011.
However, in basic metal and alloy and manufacture of basic iron and steel industries, this value is turned to be negative significant but negative insignificant for textile sector in post-reform period.
Positive output elastic ties with respect to labour for textile and basic metal and alloy industry during pre-reform period but during post reform period all sub-groups of basic metal and alloy, manufacture of basic iron and steel and transport equipment and parts industries, implying that extra unit of labour will raise the output level for these industries.
Capital and labour are competitive in nature in food industry and its all sub-groups, basic metal and alloy, manufacture of basic iron and steel, casting of metals and transport equipment and parts industry, manufacture of railway, tramway, locomotive and rolling stock and manufacture of transport equipment not else where classified industries in both the periods.
The Arab state imposes a far wider range of duties on EU exports of iron and steel, although many are not that high for basic iron and steel supplies and shapes--tending to range between 1% and 3%.
Wagner has argued (1984) that the overall effect of these imports was to kill off the technologically sophisticated processes quite quickly, leaving only a very basic iron industry producing low-quality iron that was still competitive on price.
Basic iron casting markets in such typical areas as pipe, automobiles, steelmaking, railroads and ordnance have undergone profound change, reducing market demand over this period by 61%.
The Basic Iron and Steel Manufacturing in Australia report is an in depth study containing statistics, trends, forecasts and competitor information.
For now, however, by turning to this basic iron shot waterfowl load, you can still drop ducks while maintaining a responsible budget during the waterfowl season.
According to Frost & Sullivan's Asia Pacific Consultant of Measurement & Instrumentation Practice, Tim Chuah, this decline in sales of the manufacturing sector can be largely attributed to the significant decrease in the sales value of industries such as refined petroleum products, computer and computer peripherals, basic iron and steel products, etc.
Automatic inoculation allows three kinds of iron alloy to be poured from one basic iron melt.
Steel Group, a Unit of USX Corporation (NYSE: X), and Bethlehem Steel Corporation (NYSE: BS) confirmed today that they have entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to carry out selected joint R&D projects in the field of basic iron and steelmaking technology and processes.
Under the Agreement, the companies will exchange proprietary information necessary for advancing collaborative R&D initiatives in such areas as basic iron and steelmaking, casting, rolling and finishing processes, and instrumentation development.
The R&D activities would cover basic iron and steel making technologies, steel finishing process development and instrumentation development.
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