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a dye that is considered to be a base because the chromophore is part of a positive ion

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2007, Preliminary Study of Basic Colour Terms in Modern Hungarian.
It has been stated that they might both be basic colour terms (Scmiedtova and Scmiedtova 2006, Nagel 2000).
Marca Mode, C&A, H&M and Vendex are competitors of Adidas, who also market sports garments featuring two parallel stripes, the colour of which contrasts with the basic colour of those garments.
With its many features and options, the ColorFlex unit can be used for basic colour measurement or more complicated applications.
Mari Uuskula, Basic Colour Terms in Finno-Ugric and Slavonic Languages: Myths and Facts, Tartu 2008 (Dissertationes linguisticae Universitatis Tartuensis 9).
Bring new life to a basic colour palette by adding new tiles or accessories as the children grow.
Moving to the first floor and the basic colour scheme is continued through all three spacious bedrooms.
Connection OUTFIT 3Black is a great basic colour to wear with a pop of neon pink.
The PureLime Sports Underwear range is the basic colour base layer, designed for the female silhouette, providing a layer of defense to ensure a comfortable workout.
The basic colour terms are a domain of lexis, empirically relatively well researched in the languages of the world.
With the fabric as the basic colour scheme, Tor Coatings Ltd mixed trade emulsion a couple of tones darker for the wall colour and I chose a throw for the sofa in even darker tones.
Add a basic colour printer and maybe a scanner and you'll have a great first system.
Basic colour choices are white, brown and stainless steel, with brown matching most woods and some laminate finishes.
The hunter-gatherers from the upper reaches of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea use five basic colour terms, but do not distinguish between blue and green.
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