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a dye that is considered to be a base because the chromophore is part of a positive ion

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1978, The Linguistic Significance of the Meanings of Basic Color Terms.
Berlin, Brent and Paul Kay (1969) Basic color terms: their universality and evolution.
R] has created a new Rainbow Poster Paint Set featuring a prismatic rainbow of colors to help younger students learn all about primary and secondary colors, prisms, and the basic color wheel.
Along with his staff at Energia Press, Sadka has devoted his time to researching the relationship between color preference and personality, with specific attention to the four basic color categories: primary, secondary, achromatic, and intermediate.
The basic color will be black, with accents of lime, violet, copen blue, lemon and white.
2) According to the theory, there is a maximum of eleven basic color terms, and their emergence is universally highly constrained: a term for RED in a language will imply the presence of WHITE and BLACK, etc.
The basic color scheme is a soft buttery yellow for the cabinets, with periwinkle blue on the cabinet handles.
When a language has only two basic color names, they are black and white.
Quality control professionals have instant access to four basic color analysis functions, including color comparison, shade sorting, standard creation and strength calculation.
Two basic color schemes were utilized for the five resident floors, with five different resident room color choices that fit within both schemes.
In general, there are two basic color copying technologies to consider: "cycolor" and colorocs.
Up to six displays can be added to a computer over a single USB connector when using the Windows Vista Basic color scheme interface.
The official launch of the Fall/Winter '14 collection is set for September, where the designer chose black to be the basic color for most of the collection.
Brickwork white-gray as a regular layer masonry, quartz sandstone, basic color diamond sawn,
3|Q Regardless of race or ethnicity, every person's skin is the same basic color, just in different shades.
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