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an assumption that is basic to an argument

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In her compelling study of French Catholicism's most enduring marian shrine, the historian Ruth Harris observes that Zola's basic assumption about Lourdes has become a kind of template for historians of the nineteenth century.
Apart from the fact that banks tell you explicitly not to let your credit cards out of your sight ( ie, don't leave them with a cashier while you fill up), I actually object to the basic assumption that I am a potential criminal.
The basic assumption of academia and religious leaders from recorded antiquity down to the present day is that language forms the foundation of human thought and societal interaction, and is what fundamentally distinguishes homo sapiens from the other species.
In this issue, Pope and Harley criticized our recent work with soft-linked items (Loerke, Jones, and Chow, 1999), claiming that soft-linked items are not independent, and thus, violate the basic assumption of classical test theory.
My basic assumption is that there can be no genuine understanding of goodness in human behavior unless we also understand evil.
The basic assumption of the series is that Baptist heritage is worth sharing with Baptists at large, and, indeed, with the broader world.
In Kuttner's America, the basic assumption would be that regulation is good for the country's economic health, and that it should be carried out when needed without the kinds of subterfuges to which politicians often currently resort.
The basic assumption in adventure programming is that change, such as better self concept or confidence, may take place in groups and in individuals as a result of direct exposure to the elements of adventure.
5) offer some relevant comments, several of which I will quote to set the tone for this discussion: "Much of our understanding of polymer chemistry is based upon the very basic assumption that the reactivity of a given group is unaffected by the size of the molecule of which it forms a part.
The system's basic assumption that resource utilization is a proxy for severity of illness has not been proven.
According to Shiv, a basic assumption in economics is that a person's "experienced pleasantness" (EP) from consuming a product depends only on its intrinsic properties and the individual's thirst.
A document is available to candidates with the basic assumption and the assumption of possible reduction of the project.
Under basic assumption (A)-(D), there exists E[[absolute value of [e.
The financial statements of Eltek and PCB at September 30, 1997, were to be used as the determining criteria for the basic assumption.
The basic assumption of the market is that each individual makes economic decisions independently and that the consequences of an economic decision are enjoyed or suffered by the individual.
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