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an assumption that is basic to an argument

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The positive stories (interviews) of high-achieving Black males in chapter six have provided another support for the author's basic assumption of why a paradigm shift is needed.
A basic assumption informing Air Force organizational culture is this: The Air Force has the power to change the face of the Earth.
Where, after a contract is made, a party's performance is made impracticable without his fault by the occurrence of an event the non-occurrence of which was a basic assumption on which the contract was made, his duty to render that performance is discharged, unless the language or the circumstances indicate the contrary.
The basic assumption is that Germany will bring up the whole rescue amount of EUR 4.
A basic assumption is that such aspects may be related to the students' attitudes to the school subject "mathematics" which in turn may influence their performance (grades).
The basic assumption is that the variable, once deflected from its desired steady state path, is more likely to move further in the same direction than to move back toward its original trajectory.
In plug flow, the basic assumption is made that the polymer behaves as a solid, elastic mass, undergoing no internal shear, but slipping along the screw surface, dragged down-channel by friction with the extruder barrel.
Since an offer in compromise is a contract, the court said it should be analyzed under general contract law, which provides a contract can be set aside if both parties have made a mistake as to a basic assumption and the mistake has had a material effect.
In her compelling study of French Catholicism's most enduring marian shrine, the historian Ruth Harris observes that Zola's basic assumption about Lourdes has become a kind of template for historians of the nineteenth century.
So many of the opportunities and advantages we have as Americans today start with the basic assumption that there is a solid, dependable infrastructure.
Manipulation in objectionable cases is seen as an interference with rational self-governance, problematic insofar as it undermines a basic assumption of interpersonal trust in groups that make claims on their members on grounds of fraternity among reasoning agents.
But even with that, to really get into this movie, you've probably either got to be a Derrida devotee, or someone who's somehow managed to get far enough in life to go to a documentary like this, but without ever perceiving Deconstruction's basic assumption that everything is fit for questioning - for whom it will be a complete revelation.
We intend to challenge the government's basic assumption that three times more flights will be necessary by 2030 which is the driving force behind their plans.
Indeed, as The Washington Monthly documented last year (see "Student Movement," September 2001), poor public-school students change schools frequently, a fact that contradicts the basic assumption behind the choice program that poor students are "stuck" in a single bad school.
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