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At one end of the spectrum you've got a factory - imagine an open space with 100 people listening to music over a loud speaker, which is keeping them happy while they're bashing away.
But I have got RSI (repetitive strain injury), which has presumably happened as a consequence of bashing away at a keyboard for half a century.
A lot of people think keeping fit means going to the gym and spending two or three hours bashing away.
40), but we'll keep bashing away and try to stop them one year.
They spent the third quarter bashing away at the barricades - as usual, with more effort than precision - until suddenly, in the 61st minute, the passes stuck and the Saracen defences gave way.
But what about the grand novelist bashing away on a rusty typewriter in his garret?
I've been happily bashing away at the keyboard for two years now, but the first few weeks were an absolute nightmare.
The Offspring are a truly massive rock act, have sold millions of albums and turn out hilarious videos such as Hit That and Original Prankster soit was disappointing to find their stage show was just four guys bashing away at their instruments.
I can easily sit here in my Armani silk robe,put my hand on my heart,next to my Boodle and Dunthorne platinum necklace,and tell you -if Ava would just stop bashing away on our Steinway grand piano -that materialism doesn't mean anything to me.
At least a week before John Huang, former head of the Lippo Group in the United States and executive for the suddenly newsworthy Riadys of Indonesia, became front-page news, Rush was bashing away at Huang's questionable fundraising work for the Democratic National Committee.
There are guys down south who keep bashing away on the Europro Tour for ten years without making it, which must set them back about seventy grand
The kid drummer with the parents trying to give him a platform were a case in point - 13-year-old Kieran Gaffney will now be bashing away so long and so hard the poor lad will either be at risk of RSI or deafening himself.
In fact businessman Philip McLaughlin said he usually ends up reading in bed while leggy Amanda, 35, is bashing away on her computer at night.
I mean, I've been bashing away at a typewriter and computer for more than 50 years, so it's bound to produce some wear and tear on my digits.
Alan Maybury before these two weeks would have been seen to have been bashing away in Scotland without major respect, so it is fantastic for them and that's how it should be.