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Synonyms for bashfulness

Synonyms for bashfulness

an awkwardness or lack of self-confidence in the presence of others

Synonyms for bashfulness

feeling embarrassed due to modesty


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She looked at the book, and then from time to time she looked at me, very kindly but very curiously, with a faint smile, so that as I stood there, inwardly writhing in my bashfulness, I had the sense that in her eyes I was a queer boy.
If I thought of it," said Rosa, allowing her love to get the better of her bashfulness, "I thought of nothing else.
She was spending the day with Aunt Clara, who had been entertaining some young guests, and invited Rose to meet them, for she thought it high time her niece conquered her bashfulness and saw a little of society.
she answered, speaking in the broadest West Saxon speech, and balancing herself first on one foot and then on the other in her bashfulness.
Bashfulness and apathy are a tough husk in which a delicate organization is protected from premature ripening.
Here a long silence of near a quarter of an hour ensued; for the gentleman who was to begin the conversation had all the unbecoming modesty which consists in bashfulness.
They call you heartless: but your heart is true, and I love the bashfulness of your goodwill.
Perhaps some infatuated swain has ere this mistaken insensibility for modesty, dulness for maiden reserve, mere vacuity for sweet bashfulness, and a goose, in a word, for a swan.
We have met already," she said, putting her little hand into the huge hand of Yashvin, whose bashfulness was so queerly out of keeping with his immense frame and coarse face.
But as the colour flushed her features, and her breathing became quick and excited, it was apparent that the native spirit of the girl was gaining the ascendency over the bashfulness of sex.
I don't know how you feel about female faces, but to my mind these sixteen years, these childish eyes, shyness and tears of bashfulness are better than beauty; and she is a perfect little picture, too.
I have already spoken, above, of one of the factors which complicates this availability: the possible bashfulness of the Maltese about bringing their texts to a reading by the other.
There's a charming bashfulness about the confession.
But the sheer bashfulness of these paintings, the range of their maker's stylistic skills, and his evident facility with, as he puts it, "all those things that sound a bit boring and worthy when you talk about them, color, light, composition, the old nuts and bolts of painting," overwhelm any possible critical charge of recidivism.
is the most perfect of all members (akmalu l-a' da')" (78) This is because "[1] it manifests psychological traits (al-athar al-nafsaniyya) in complete fashion; [2] the face is the seat of beauty and ugliness, on which depend the perfection of the body or its deficiency; [3] what is visible in the face is a strong indicator of innate characteristics (al-akhlaq al-batina), such as bashfulness, fear, anger, joy, and sadness.