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Synonyms for bashfulness

Synonyms for bashfulness

an awkwardness or lack of self-confidence in the presence of others

Synonyms for bashfulness

feeling embarrassed due to modesty


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In terms of Dante's moral characterization of adolescenza, the poet identifies four traits that are indispensable for a healthy development and passage into gioventute: obedience ("Obedienza"), gentleness ("Soavitade"), bashfulness ("Vergogna"), and physical beauty ("Adornezza corporale") (Conv.
Most importantly, I find that yoga eliminates bashfulness, helps their self-expression and in the loss of excess weight, corrects posture, and it increases muscle flexibility, self-esteem as well as their immunity (as a result of increased oxygen levels in the bloodstream from circulation activity).
I suspect your bashfulness and your presence here have much to do with a wound from your past, although this is simply conjecture .
2 Samuel Johnson, The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets 399 (1781) ("In the bottle, discontent seeks for comfort, cowardice for courage, and bashfulness for confidence.
I saw bashfulness in Azad's big eyes and smiled khair what happened then"
1 GRUMPY: Snow White And The Seven Dwarves (1937) The grouchy dwarf dislikes Sneezy's sneezes, Bashful's bashfulness and Dopey's dopey ways 2EEYORE: Winnie The Pooh (2011) Depressed donkey Eeyore rarely raises a smile but is fiercely loyal to Pooh.
Shedding the bashfulness was especially valuable when it came to Coleman's education.
The normative discourse, that we are related to, originates from the sacred texts as "The first Epistle to Timothy", 2/9, from the New Testament and says that: "women should pray dressed up in humble clothes, with natural bashfulness, not with braided hair or wearing gold or pearls or very expensive outfits, but with good deeds as it is properly to women that have fear of God" (19).
My child says, an old Highland matron, and you know that old Highland matrons, are generally reckoned to be a kind of a-what you may call a second edition of female seers, this little Piece might prove very useful in the Highlands, if scholars would perform it at certain times before their friends, it would accustom them to speak in public, and by degrees wear off that clownish bashfulness so natural to children.
Abbey also hyped a book he titled, "The Sexual System and its Derangements'': "It tells about Manhood, Womanhood, Sex, Beauty, Marriage, Nervous and Sexual Debility, languor, tiresome feelings, unsociability, bashfulness, cowardice, irritable temper, forgetfulness, gloomy forebodings, unfitness for business, inability to reason or concentrate the mind or meet the gaze of others, unfixedness of purpose, trembling, staggering, pasty skin, hollow eyes, blunted sense, scanty beard, and a thousand symptoms which usher in Palsy, Idiocy, Insanity and all kinds of diseases.
When entering a new wedded relationship and moving to a new home, there is some bashfulness associated with that favorite lingerie, sensual perfume, or private toys.
It is for that reason that its mentor organisation, the Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh ( RSS) has given up its traditional bashfulness and emerged into the limelight to guide it into the fray.
Europeans speak with little bashfulness about the European Union's original aim to create an alliance to prevent one country from going to war against its neighbours.
La pudeur & la retenue; Her Bashfulness, Restraint, and her despair, Que sa constance estoit Were signs her Constancy was at an a bout; end, Que son Lisandre And that Lysander might himself be pouvoit tout, friend, Et qu'elle l'eust Leaving him now to exercise his laisse tout faire: Power; Mais par un accident But by an Accident that did afflict fascheux, Que je dis & qui se Ev'n Mars himself, when Vulcan paid doit taire, his score, Il ne se passa rien Between them nothing past; the Man entr'eux.