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in a shy or timid or bashful manner


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It bashfully, almost apologetically, gives the traveller to understand that it does not expect him, on the good old constitutional hotel plan, to order a pint of sweet blacking for his drinking, and throw it away; but insinuates that he may have his boots blacked instead of his stomach, and maybe also have bed, breakfast, attendance, and a porter up all night, for a certain fixed charge.
If you zoom in close enough, you may spot Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in the selfie, peering bashfully over the major-general's shoulder capitulating to the combined pressures of internal Islamist groups and the Saudi establishment.
f a yea so 'That's something I really don't want to talk about,' he says bashfully, clearly not comfortable drawing attention to the child he reportedly fathered with Diane Vincent in 1974, and the numerous affairs and one-night stands he admitted to in his autobiography What's In A Name?
He twirls around the tree in a playful dalliance while she bashfully dances to the melody of the chorus, whirling into his arms and now perfectly harmonizing with the invisible violin serenading them in the background.
It's not very easy to search them," he added bashfully.
Leeds are the club who bashfully informed him they had no scouting network to speak of.
As a man of few words, Whittingham bashfully took it in his stride, offering the most modest acceptance speech in recent memory.
He cooed at me until I finally said hi and he babbled an introduction bashfully.
Will (Chris Carmack) and Zach's (Cameron Scoggins) flirtation will continue, and they might finally do more than bashfully smile at each other.
The 2014 news photos came as a delicious shock: khaki-clad young women grinning bashfully at the cameras, black braids swinging, and antiquated Kalashnikov rifles slung casually over their shoulders.
She waves away my compliments, folds her hands neatly, and smiles, bashfully even, as she watches me enjoy her cooking.
He stretched out his hand bashfully, blood encrusted under the bandage.
But it is when Scott Fisher (Jake Gyllenhaal) the other expert guide and Hall's competitor very bashfully says, "It is not the altitude, but it's the attitude that matters," that you realise would bring him in direct conflict with Hall.
It is incredible," Deulofeu said, bashfully, when asked about 'He's Magic You Know', the fans' song for him.
Then, looking around, she reached for the neatly folded blanket on her bed and insisted that I keep it, bashfully telling me she had nothing else to give.