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in a shy or timid or bashful manner


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The matron looked, from the little kettle, to the beadle, who was moving towards the door; and as the beadle coughed, preparatory to bidding her good-night, bashfully inquired whether--whether he wouldn't take a cup of tea?
To this, Kit only replied by bashfully bidding his mother 'get out,' and forming sundry strange figures with his legs and arms, accompanied by sympathetic contortions of his face.
It is incredible," Deulofeu said, bashfully, when asked about 'He's Magic You Know', the fans' song for him.
In fact they were so committed that Peter bashfully admits: "When my wife was having our daughter she was booked in for a C-section and I stopped off on the way to hospital to check over some sheep.
In the film, Turing's sexuality is essentially a secret, bashfully hinted at through a glimpse of the man he paid for sex, a chaste childhood crush, a broken engagement, and (perhaps) some one-way tension with fellow code breaker Hugh Alexander.
In the New Testament Jesus is baptised by John the Baptist who bashfully complains that he is unworthy to untie the Master's shoelaces.
Arriving at the boy's house, his father, a former convict, refuses to pay for the broken window, but his brother bashfully reassures the men that the window will be paid for and the family retreats into the house.
She simply relayed it, sincerely, without agenda, somewhat bashfully.
It is different with man: sent forth from the natural domain of species into the hazard of the solitary category, surrounded by the air of a chaos which came into being with him, secretly and bashfully he watches for a Yes which allows him to be and which can come to him only from one human person to another, (p.
You would tell him he's cute and he'd bashfully dismiss it, saying 'not me' or something like that.
At first, he said bashfully, he worried that he might end up in an argument with an aggressive ex-felon.
The anti-Morsi alliance, which began to form in earnest in August 2012, started out bashfully but became proud and assertive by November 2012, after Morsils infamous Constitutional Decree, which centralized political power in the hands of the President.
Before I could get any further, he raised one hand, his palm turned toward me, and softly, even bashfully, said, "You just do what you've got to do.