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However, Dr Basher did not mind importing the readymade characters out of local societies.
It is "plain logic", says Basher, that "having a currency basket that includes the oil price would serve the dual objectives of smoothing revenues and stabilising inflation".
Basher, who will lead the Dhaka Warriors, reacted furiously to the news.
Basher managed to flee in the SUV, knocking over a street sign as he fled.
I suppose it shows I was still too quick for Basher - even at 38
Muscat: Al Basher Travel and Tourism (BTT) who are leading the standings with six points from three wins trounced debutants Moka & More 130 -24 in a one sided game held at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in the fourth OCCI-CBC basketball tournament currently underway.
Everyone knows the Sudanese economy is on the verge of collapsing due to bad policies that have been implemented by Basher and his gang in Khartoum, the same gang that should be held responsible for their genocidal policies and tactics.
Dubai Residents can now start their marriage procedures while relaxing at home or office -- thanks to Basher (Start), a new electronic service that Dubai Courts Department (DCD) launched yesterday.
His consistent tracker Fane Basher produced a gutsy performance to win a thrilling opening semi.
By KARACHI, July 28, 2009 (Frontier Star) -- The medical report of policemen involved in rape and murder of three-year old girl, Sane, was presented to the anti-terrorism court, confirming the rape and murder with the child through blood lit cloths of the accused Basher Ahmad.
Perhaps it was too much to expect you to publish two quips regarding the technical knowledge of the gentlemen of the press in one letter, but by calling a railway train a metal basher I was explaining in the part you edited the difference between me, an engineer, and a metal basher.
Brown then went on to say that "one basher has been solidly identified, with appropriate actions to be taken immediately.
In just a matter of hours after Uganda hinted it might co-operate with the ICC, the regime of tyrant fugative Omar El Basher wasted no time to resort to its trade mark C*the rhetoric of scare tactics and intimidation against the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni personally.
According to Brown, the program will work in the following manner: For each basher listed below that you turn over to our legal representative through your attorney, you will receive $10,000 when it is totally proven and confirmed that they are a basher, making false or slanderous statements against 37Point9, its officers and directors or Bruce Barren.
His press coverage is only second to his mentor, the other tyrant fugitive, Omer al -- Basher.