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a civil or military authority in Turkey or Egypt


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The ship's doctor, Jonathan Cowdery, became personal physician to the bashaw and enjoyed luxury and leisure in captivity.
Deans who participated in the initial meeting included Williams; Ed Bashaw, Arkansas Tech University; Mike Casey, University of Central Arkansas; Summer Deprow, Williams Baptist College; Eli Jones, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville; and Jane Wayland, UALR.
By 1795, 150 American citizens had been enslaved by the grand vizier (dey) of Algiers, Hassan Bashaw.
Checks, payable to the Don Samuels Testimonial, must be mailed no later than Wednesday, March 21, to: DAV National Chief of Staff George Martin, 59 Bashaw Creek Road, Manchester, Tenn.
The Bashaw of Tripoli shall deliver up to the American Squadron now off Tripoli, all the Americans in his possession; and all the Subjects of the Bashaw of Tripoli now in the power of the United States of America shall be delivered up to him; and as the number of Americans in possession of the Bashaw of Tripoli amounts to Three Hundred Persons, more or less; and the number of Tripolino Subjects in the power of the Americans to about, One Hundred more or less; The Bashaw of Tripoli shall receive from the United States of America, the sum of Sixty Thousand Dollars, as a payment for the difference between the Prisoners herein mentioned.
Steve Bashaw had no hand in writing the article (we generally take turns, although both our names appear on the masthead).
When told by the sheriff's office to move, most just move, said Steven Bashaw, an attorney who for 25 years represented banks in foreclosure.
Bashaw & District Support Services Association.
The sanding process is one of the most costly and labor intensive processes in the shop," says Dan Bashaw, president of Overland Machinery Group (OMG).
Bashaw, Christine Brady, Wendy Bruno, Paul Conroy, Karen Crawford, Eileen D'Angelo, William J.
IN August 1999, Gary Bashaw of West Virginia mixed milk and chocolate powder in his mouth and dispensed the chocolate milk mixture - measuring 54ml - from his nostril.
Meredith Bashaw says she started looking for social attachments among giraffes because they weren't supposed to have any.
Middleton, employed at sea by the East India company, and through his own indiscretion or boldness having received some wrong at Tripoly, where a Bashaw circumvented him in a feast, and kept him prisoner till order from hence went to release him; after his liberty, took his course through the Red Sea and in revenge of three men slain, searched three Turkish ships, and satisfied himself out of goods and men.
This will appeal to business users who want a local presence in two markets, even though they are in different area codes," explained Mike Bashaw, vice president of marketing and product development for Powertel.
stimulates general interest in PCS," added Mike Bashaw, vice president of marketing, Powertel.