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Two, because it his best chance of upsetting the battalions of claycourters who bash away from the baseline in the hope of wearing down their opponent in what so often becomes a tennis war of attrition.
Somebody from Fontaine's transition team will be given the job of holding consultation sessions all across the country, so Native people can bash away at how the AFN should shift shape.
There are more than 1,500 unique moves spread across several different fighting styles and you can't blindly bash away at the keys hoping for a swift victory.
PAUL Carrack was first bitten by the music bug as a small child, back in his native Sheffield, where he would bash away at a home-made drum kit.
Unfortunately, as the RFT headline Playing to the Galleries suggested, the candidates tended to bash away at one another.
Instead, for 50 hours a week and a wage of pounds 1, they bash away at the batteries with metal mallets.
The England front five is very solid and that gives their back row the chance to get on the front foot and bash away at New Zealand, in the hope of creating gaps.