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Synonyms for basement



Synonyms for basement

the lowermost portion of a structure partly or wholly below ground level

the ground floor facade or interior in Renaissance architecture

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The owner of a plot measuring up to 500 square yards along the Islamabad Highway will be allowed to construct a basement, plus ground, plus one with 60pc ground coverage.
Meanwhile, the information concerning two basement floors in Cudi neighborhood, in which 150 people had been requesting help and other one basement floor in Sur, became clear.
The basement area is a common location for leaks within the average property.
Due to the average number of migrants who live inside the basement almost same among the eighteen districts of Shanghai, so the total respondents are 400 based on the previous researcher and each district choose 22 respondents.
They raided the three-storey Victorian terraced house and found 1,682 plants in the basement and ground floor, with a further 313 hidden behind a tight hole in the basement wall.
In the basement no arrangement has been made for pumping out standing water, said a group of traders.
The homeowners and sales people are frustrated when the costs of adding components to a basement to make it more usable are not given what they view as sufficient value in relationship to the cost of the addition.
Frustrated, I put a layer of poly down and filled the hole back in, ready to give up and live with a wet basement.
Hydrocarbon charged fractures were also observed while drilling the upper basement interval.
Where we have a basement it can be difficult to turn it into suitable living space but not impossible.
He paints words and pictures on the cement walls, until the basement itself resembles a large, illustrated book.
By building a new basement or converting an existing cellar, you can essentially create a whole new floor's worth of space.
The news has saddened many of the city's partygoers and students, who say it is the "end of an era", but university bosses claim the basement and union building will be "bigger and better" when it reopens in August next year.
Oil shows were observed while drilling in a carbonate interval in the Naifa formation (Fm) just above the Basement, and in the fractured Basement interval.