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Synonyms for basely

in a despicable, ignoble manner

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He narrated to them in vigorous and graceful language--for, like most Kukuanas of high rank, he was a born orator--the history of Ignosi's father, and of how he had been basely murdered by Twala the king, and his wife and child driven out to starve.
Never shall I accustom myself to the idea that Louise, the chastest and most innocent of women, has been able to so basely deceive a man so honest and so true a lover as myself.
I have a presentiment that she has gone to talk about me, and I basely open my door and listen.
I cannot describe the sensation that came upon me: I had not seen it since it unbosomed itself four years before, and now I felt like one to whom a friend has made some sorrowing confession of crime long past, and who has basely deserted him in consequence.
It often basely and cowardly deserts those paragons for whom the men are all wishing, sighing, dying, and spreading, every net in their power; and constantly attends at the heels of that higher order of women for whom the other sex have a more distant and awful respect, and whom (from despair, I suppose, of success) they never venture to attack.
In giving Victor Haldin up, it was myself, after all, whom I have betrayed most basely.
He was likewise reported to have said that in former times a stigma had been cast upon the body by the execution of George Barnwell, to which they should not have basely submitted, but should have demanded him of the legislature-- temperately at first; then by an appeal to arms, if necessary--to be dealt with as they in their wisdom might think fit.
He has been most shamefully abused, and most unjustly and most basely driven away, and I am the cause of it
So you are selling yourself for money, and so in any case you are acting basely, and I am glad at least that you can blush for it.
Mike Basely, chairman of the Birmingham Employer Coalition, said: "On release ex-offenders generally have up-to-date training, current and appropriate vocational qualifications as well as the soft skills such as team work which are most needed by employers.
comes with ill grace, indeed, from a man who, to my personal knowledge, has basely and persistently reviled Your Grace, has ridiculed and calumniated your Vicar-general, called the Superior of the Dominicans in this city "a scoundrel", besides bitterly denouncing others of his brother clergymen of this Archdiocese.
But renouncing absolutely their habits as well as their ancient and gentle origins, which they no longer even remember today, they basely came to sell their services to the whites.
The breakneck movements we see are often pelvic and the bodies lithe and chiseled, but it's never basely carnal, and the female dancers are equals, not objects.
if I were summoned to seek aid for a perishing fellow-creature, and that I could obtain that aid only by facing a vast company of critical or sneering faces, I might, perhaps, shrink basely from the duty.
They all went down; and I don't know whether I have done stern retribution--or murder; whether I have added to the corpses that litter the bed of the unreadable sea the bodies of men completely innocent or basely guilty.