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an imaginary line or standard by which things are measured or compared

the back line bounding each end of a tennis or handball court


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the lines a baseball player must follow while running the bases

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The baseline data omitted the last value "2" present in the figure.
analyze gender statistics from IFC industry projects, prepare gender analytics; and to establish baseline data to help IFC FCS
Further, as per the rules, "OET is releasing a set of baseline data of the coverage area and population served to be protected in the repacking process of all full power and Class A television stations eligible for protection in the repacking process and participation in the incentive auction.
Summary: Lebanon suffers from "high" deficiencies of social and environmental baseline data as well as a "capacity deficiency within authorities," according to the long-awaited strategic environmental assessment (SEA) related to potential oil and gas activities, recently published by the Lebanese Petroleum Administration.
NML intends to create a baseline data of libraries in India through a quantitative and qualitative survey of 5,000 libraries to collect detailed information on quality characteristics and performance indicators in terms of their traditional role as readership promoters and information providers.
The engineers also did a thermographic imaging survey of critical electrical equipment to provide a visual check of the systems and a baseline data set against which future regular preventative maintenance checks can be compared.
This video shows maneuvers flown to provide baseline data for comparison with data recorded after the flexible flaps are installed, a sample of a flexible flap being lab tested in a lab and the G-III in NASA Dryden's Flight Loads Laboratory undergoing baseline structural loads testing.
This five year contract supports FDA's mission of protecting public health by generating baseline data to identify and remove contaminated produce from the nation's food supply.
This year, the Report Card foregoes grade assignments in order to establish baseline data to set goals, objectives, and specific targets for each of the indicators to reach by the year 2020.
To help law firms enhance their client development capabilities in an increasingly difficult economy, Baseline Data Systems, a leading provider of CRM for law firms, announced the launch of Office Accelerator CRM for Lawyers, a web-accessible customer relationship management (CRM) solution for small to mid-market law firms.
This will allow clinicians to easily view data on their own patients, and to find out the baseline data on individual cancers, an essential requirement for designing research studies.
Musa Mohammed Sada, who spoke at the launch in Abuja explained that the comcept of regional geochemical mapping was to generate high quality environmental geochemical baseline data from sampling of stream water, stream sediments, and residual soil.
This finding confirmed the scarcity of hematozoa in polar regions and provided baseline data for the little auk.
The conclusive results of this study provide baseline data concerning richness and percent cover, as well as being useful for future studies on reef health on the Heron Island Reef Flat.
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