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an imaginary line or standard by which things are measured or compared

the back line bounding each end of a tennis or handball court


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the lines a baseball player must follow while running the bases

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Progress will be measured against the established baseline data.
Baseline offers data migration, training, marketing consulting and implementation guidance for free when a firm signs up for the service,” said Chris Furgis, President of Baseline Data Systems.
This study presents the available baseline data on 120 women in the SUN study (median age 38 years, 57% non-Hispanic black, median CD4 cell count 445), of whom 77% were taking antiretroviral therapy.
Musa Mohammed Sada, who spoke at the launch in Abuja explained that the comcept of regional geochemical mapping was to generate high quality environmental geochemical baseline data from sampling of stream water, stream sediments, and residual soil.
This finding confirmed the scarcity of hematozoa in polar regions and provided baseline data for the little auk.
The premier issue includes information on methods in project evaluation, impact evaluation of rural road projects, reconstructing baseline data, improving nutritional status through behavioral changes, and impact assessments and experience evaluations.
Normal functions are discussed to provide baseline data, and then concepts of imbalance are presented individually, with links between concepts addressed and underlying mechanisms stressed.
In an attempt to better understand how whales utilize the waters here, specifically Salt Cay, the Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) will work with local whale watch operators to obtain baseline data of humpback distribution and residency.
Baseline data on rope-ladder technique were registered during the two weeks before the initiation of the buttonhole technique with the patients.
Osborne, and Mark Corness, Exceptional Children, 73, 417-433, some of the baseline data for one of the treatment groups (Special Nursery) were incorrectly reported in Table 3.
Caradonio called the science test results "first-time, baseline data.
This stage guides the development of baseline data collection procedures, which in turn, effects treatment development and implementation.
There was a failure to properly monitor the patient because inadequate or no baseline data were collected, an insufficient history was gathered, or testing required with the medication was not conducted.
The Industry Measure mini-report, "Pricing for Variable Data Print: Baseline Data on What the Industry Is Doing Now", is aimed at printers and other VDP producers and is priced at $299.
BANNOCKBURN, IL -- The World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC), a global partnership of major electronic circuits industry trade associations, has released the publication of its first collaborative statistical report, "WECC Global PCB Production Report--2005 Baseline Data.
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