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having a base

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having a base of operations (often used as a combining form)

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Ertmer and Simons (2006) described specific challenges that teachers encounter during implementation of problem based learning and suggest ways these may be ameliorated.
For taxable interstate transactions, the concept of destination-based sourcing has not caused significant controversy; most states and businesses recognize the practicality of sourcing sales and collecting tax based on the situs of the purchaser or where the purchased items ultimately will be used.
Towey's departure should not be read as a Bush administration retreat on its push for the faith based initiative.
They always say these are based on substance,'' Panetta said.
Therefore--apart from a small share of campus-based aid provided to schools based on reallocations of unused funds--the total allocation to each institution equals the base guarantee amount plus the fair share amount.
Under this approach the option value (and related compensation expense) was based on the market price of an option with the same or similar terms (when available) or estimated using an option pricing model (applicable to most companies).
Based on his photographs of "dugong trenches"--fissures in the sea grass left by feeding animals he concludes, "Henoko is the main feeding ground of the dugong.
As a follow-on activity to our Journal, we will be conducting a discussion forum in January based on this edition using the authors as discussion leads.
Instructional content should be firmly based in both subject knowledge and good instructional design.
A full or partial recalibration of the Framework may be considered based on the results of the QIS-4 exercise.
These solutions allow the automatic migration of data to less expensive storage as it ages, based on established policies.
Based On: Achievement in conventions or competitions
Based on the discussion at the March 18 workshop, the use of IAS at the subsidiary level will likely be widespread--at least for consolidation reporting purposes.
Conceptualizing clients from a multicultural perspective indicates that school counselor trainees are aware of and can integrate information about various cultural factors into clients' presenting issues and, subsequently, identify an appropriate treatment plan for working with clients based on this information (Constantine & Ladany, 2000).
As part of the CTC TechExchange Consortium, Unisys will work with CTC to optimize the performance of HPC solutions for key industry markets using ES7000 servers based on both Intel Itanium 2 (IA-64) and Xeon MP (IA-32) processors.