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a molding covering the joint formed by a wall and the floor

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The Avnet Mini-Module Plus system consists of a modular baseboard with three slots supporting a FPGA module, a power supply module and an optional FPGA mezzanine card (FMC) application module.
Sure, I had a woodstove--it came with the house--but I had been buying my fuel, and after my friend's convincing collapse, I decided electric baseboard heat would do me just fine in the future.
Installing an electric baseboard costs less than you might think," NH electrician Rainone explained.
Condensing boilers were installed in six existing houses in Ithaca, NY with better than average insulation levels and existing baseboard hydronic distribution systems.
This work is divided into three phases: (1) to develop COP coatings by polymerizing acrylic co-monomers with HSFE clays, (2) to apply COP coatings onto precoated, as well as on nonprecoated baseboard using a cylindrical laboratory coater (CLC), and (3) to characterize the COP-coated sample's barrier properties by measuring gas, water and water vapor permeabilities, optical and surface properties.
The least expensive alternative was baseboard radiation using No.
WireTracks is a wiring channel system for power, data and voice cabling that is installed behind baseboard molding.
All Cupforma grades come in a 3-layer baseboard structure based on pure chemical pulps.
To add stiffness, most moulded plastic baths have a baseboard bonded underneath and a wooden frame bonded beneath the rim.
Electric baseboard heaters and some insulation stopped being a luxury for "softies" and suddenly became a necessity.
Elegant Breeze registers are available in solid oak or metal style for floor, sidewall and baseboard applications.
NASDAQ: XLNX) today introduced new 28nm Kintex[TM]-7 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-based targeted reference designs and a new development baseboard for accelerating the development of next-generation, 3D and 4K2K display technologies aimed at giving consumers a rich, immersive experience.
It is fully sprinklered and features gas heat in the ceiling supplemented by hot-water baseboard heat on the perimeter.
The paintings filled Derek Eller's modest gallery from baseboard to fire sprinkler.