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The West Hills 12-year-old All-Star baseball team is competing in the Bronco Zone tournament in Whittier, the final step before the Pony World Series in Monterey.
Voice and Internet services from CTC Communications, a telecomms service provider for businesses in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions in the US, have been selected by The Baltimore Orioles, a baseball team.
Koda steered the school baseball team to its first-ever consecutive victories in the 57-year-history of the annual summer national championship in 2004 and 2005.
have applied to own a professional baseball team next season and their applications are being screened by baseball officials.
You buy a stake in a Mexican baseball team for love, because it is in your heart, not for business reasons," says Diablos business manager Eduardo de la Cerda.
Hankyu shed its baseball team (The Hankyu Braves) some years ago when they morphed into the Orix Blue Wave, who now call Kobe home.
It's the last big metropolitan area without a baseball team, and, contrary to press reports, at least one existing franchise will probably be looking for a new home soon.
Like others on the squad, he had chosen Providence because of its baseball team.
Thanks to Simonitsch and fellow juniors Joe De Pinto, Brett Hertz and Andrew Sember, the baseball team won't have to worry about flying under the radar any longer.
Joining Reckson and the various mascots was Atlantic League Chief Executive Officer and principal owner of the Long Island Ducks Professional Baseball Team, Frank Boulton.
By economic arrangements that will, in some far decade, seem barbarous and benighted, that repository of local identity and loyalty called a baseball team is deemed the exclusive property of a single individual called an "owner,' who can move it to another city as though it were his body and fender shop.
One summer, George Voita introduced Barbour to the summer baseball team that he ran through his nonprofit organization, Children of Promise, which helps teenage boys who don't have a father.
Burbank High's baseball team has a deaf catcher, R.
That was the first, and only time in his life, he played for a segregated baseball team.
Giarraputo on Thursday hit a fifth-inning grand slam, doubled and pitched 6 2/3 innings for his third win of the season to lead the Pioneers' baseball team to a 5-4 Marmonte League upset of previously undefeated Agoura, which entered the game ranked No.