baseball season

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the season when baseball is played

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According to Chance Reynolds, inventor of The Pitcher's Nightmare, $5 from every online sale of the trainer throughout the 2010 Major League baseball season will be donated to the foundation.
Early on in this baseball season, players and owners weren't guaranteeing that the World Series would be played this October.
I guess I sat on the idea too long because David Anderson beat me to it with his fascinating More than Merkle: A History of the Best and Most Exciting Baseball Season in Human History (University of Nebraska Press, 285 pages, $29.
He envisions the completed work with a structure that parallels the baseball season.
In the opening month of this year's baseball season, major leaguers belted 210 more home runs than they did last April.
Just in time for the start of the college baseball season, MVP 07 NCAA Baseball delivers the most realistic and authentic baseball game on the market.
00) tells of a new baseball season and a hilarious baseball team facing a new season.
We're halfway through the Foothill League baseball season.
It's 1975, and seventh-grader Richard Moncreif, a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, anxiously awaits a break in the winter weather to begin training for baseball season.
Nasdaq: MSPT (Common Stock) and MSPTW (Warrants)) today announced that Ladies Professional Baseball, a women's professional baseball league and a secondary tenant of Millennium's Skylands Park baseball facility, has canceled all further games at all six of its venues for the balance of the 1998 baseball season.
Four first prizes will be awarded, each consisting of two tickets for dugout seats at a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park during the 2007 baseball season.
The producers were hoping to "bridge the gap and rift" between the fans and professional baseball, so that the 1995 baseball season would commence on a more positive note.
The Company received some excellent testimonials during the 2005/2006 baseball season from major league accounts.
After committing 62 errors in a disappointing 15-13 baseball season a year ago, Valencia High has tightened its defense and improved dramatically.
Fans simply dial 800-310-FANS to answer a series of questions related to the baseball season cancellation.