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the score of a baseball game

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Centerfield Baseball ScoreCaster monitors the latest baseball scores and lets users check schedules and standings instantly.
Stares as into a bomb crater At all the announcements Of baseball scores that matter Or do not matter a damn The song passed out of the voices As freedom goes out of speech (22)
But from age 11 on, I frequented the neighborhood poolroom on Willett Street between Rivington and Delancey to watch one of the owners at the ticker-tape machine calling out the baseball scores per every half-inning as they came in on the tape.
The therapy discourages men from trying to distract themselves during sex by thinking about things like baseball scores or stock prices, said Althof, an emeritus professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.
Tune your radio to an all-sports station some warm summer evening in the hope of catching some baseball scores and a little diamond news and chances are you'll hear non-stop chatter about the National Football League--who got what draft pick, which free agent is going to what team, what aging quarterback should or should not retire.
If you're unlucky, you might lose your reader to the latest baseball scores or some online shopping.
Imagine this: You're sitting at your desk, checking your fantasy baseball scores and trying to figure out what to have for dinner, when the CEO walks in.
There was also a ticker tape under glass where we got the baseball scores.
The Miami Herald is read by people who are running another country but need the baseball scores.
If the Internet has the potential to make workers more efficient (using the Web as a quick research tool, for example), it has at least as much potential for wasting time and reducing productivity (surfing the Web for baseball scores, for example).
Where and how to find--at a price of seventy-five cents or less--not only violent sensations and high-minded sentiment but also baseball scores, moral instruction, accurate weather forecasts, and the truth?
Barnicle column: "Some day I'd love to see the Pope appear on his balcony and announce the baseball scores.
Malcolm Briggs was the in-studio host, receiving no help at all from technical types who played the wrong tape, neglected to roll the baseball scores and generally did him some terrible disservices.
I think for some things you can, like baseball scores.
My daughters can watch a movie in the bedroom, while my husband catches up on baseball scores in the living room, and I prepare sandwiches in the kitchen.