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We know the way to a man's heart is through his belly, and this serves as a large part for where the concept for From Baseball Mitts to Oven Mitts A Mothers of Sons Cookbook originates.
And so Daigle, along with 40 other Los Angeles Police Department officers, exchanged badges and belts for pup tents and baseball mitts Friday to meet up at Chatsworth's Camp Caaconaa, a grassy oasis nestled within the red canyons along the Santa Susana Pass, where the motto is ``come as a child, or not at all.
Goods are items of value that can be seen and touched, such as baseball mitts and TVs.
Her hands were kind of like baseball mitts, even though she's been down from the highest altitudes for about a year now.
Fletcher has already introduced new fielding drills as well as baseball mitts in an exercise designed to stop players damaging their arms and shoulder joints.
In addition to the grand prize, Big League Chew is giving away one of more than 10,000 instant prizes including autographed Cal Ripken baseball cards, trips to Ripken Baseball camps, memberships to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Nike batting gloves and baseball mitts, and free packs of Big League Chew.
Upon entering the galleries, visitors mingle with pairs of animals from the five continents, all crafted from recycled materials-or, in many cases, everyday objects such as bottle caps, bicycle parts, baseball mitts, croquet balls, mop heads and rear-view mirrors.
After a rousing series of speeches decrying gang violence at Woodley Park and a peace march to the Hjelte Park ballfield, they brought out their baseball mitts to play.
By far our biggest customers, they'd peel off rolls of grubby notes in hands the size and colour of baseball mitts, as they'd buy 20 or so long playing passports to the 40 shades of green they'd left behind.