baseball mitt

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the handwear used by fielders in playing baseball

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At precisely two o'clock, a bank of television monitors lit up with animated color pictures: a violin, a microscope, a baseball mitt, a cowboy hat, the U.
The boy in the center holds a snowball, possibly in a baseball mitt.
As for the bowlers, they were 100 yards away, bowling at one stump with someone taking the balls in a baseball mitt.
Another couple are also having problems - Cage and Fish, who are persuaded to think about going into couples' therapy after they have a scrap over a baseball mitt.
The Webvan courier depicted driving the van has his arm outstretched with a baseball mitt ready to snag line drives hit into the right-center bleachers.
And I don't know where my mother obtained the money, but my brother and I shared a baseball mitt (all of 25 cents at J.
VALENCIA - Because of his malformed hands, swinging a bat or wearing a baseball mitt is nearly impossible for Jeffrey Krinkel.
I would even support having a backup airplane shaped like a baseball mitt flying directly underneath my own plane, just in case the backups need a backup.
Jeff Patterson (``Gilmore Girls'') handed in a baseball mitt and glove.
I brought my sandals, shoes, clothes, baseball mitt, baseball bat and a baseball.
Longtime resident Glen Settle contributed a baseball mitt and ball that he used when he played center field for the Lancaster Town Team in the early 1930s.
Jordan Brand is honoring the GOAT's baseball career with a specialized Jordan 9 resembling baseball mitts.
He regularly welcomed visitors to his office with what long-time staff of the Legislative Library recall as "hands like baseball mitts.
My offerings include Ball Mason jars, Coleman coolers, Rawlings baseball mitts, Shakespeare fishing rods, Crock-Pot cookers, Bicycle playing cards, Oster blenders, Yankee Candle candles, Sunbeam mixers, Mr.