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The complex includes a recreation center, two baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, a walking path and an all-purpose football and soccer field.
Cresa Madison was engaged by CIBA to find a location that could serve as the company's headquarters and accommodate CIBA's indoor and outdoor baseball diamonds.
North Bay City Council gave the go-ahead at a regular council meeting June 15 to start the project, which includes three full-sized sports fields, two of which are expected to be artificial turf, along with four baseball diamonds.
Now the infield is upgraded with crushed brick -- a prized addition to any baseball diamond.
Sikkens is facing a new type of collision challenge--on the baseball diamond.
A professional-size baseball diamond could comfortably be placed on top of the transporter.
Teamwork isn't reserved for the baseball diamond or football gridiron.
It's much more closer to the actual movements that are done on the field, court, or baseball diamond.
Drawing again from the baseball diamond, Epstein compares this to a ball club's farm system.
The research baseball diamond, similar to playing surfaces used by professional teams, will provide the only working laboratory of its kind in the country, says Brad Fresenburg, turf researcher in the MU horticulture department.
romance of star-crossed lovers is staged on a baseball diamond.
The patented Stadium Desk includes a reversible mat with a football gridiron on one side and a baseball diamond on the other.
A painting from 1999 features five ovoid figures, each with a differently colored core, arranged roughly like a baseball diamond (complete with pitcher's mound).
Something very similar unfolds when a boy steps onto a baseball diamond to begin his initiation into the game.
is sponsoring the Left & Center Field of Dreams, a specially designed corn maze cut into the field surrounding the outfield of the baseball diamond made famous in the movie "Field of Dreams.