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a cap with a bill

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The force added: "Missing Gary was last seen wearing grey jogging bottoms & blue baseball cap.
19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- BulletSafe, the company that last year introduced a $299 Level IIIA bulletproof vest is now introducing a bulletproof baseball cap.
But they said late Saturday night that a grey baseball cap with a skull design was probably left behind by one of them.
Some people are suited by a baseball cap - like baseball players, presumably, and Tony Pulis, who will be giving his usual cap-wearing masterclass during Stoke's game against Arsenal today.
What wasn't surprising was the finding the older the person was, the more negative they were about baseball caps.
I like a good beanie hat on a man, but baseball caps disgust me - they're so juvenile.
Nathan's father, the late Kevin Trevett, was a magnificent baseball cap and a Wales Youth international centre in 1979.
A MAN hit a shop worker with a baseball cap after she accused him of stealing.
The officer said: "A man had been seen sitting in a garden between 8pm and 9pm on March 10 where a bloodstained adult baseball cap was found.
He was wearing a black baseball cap, a black jacket, black top and blue denim jeans.
The images show two men, one in a black baseball cap, a second in a white baseball cap, and both wearing backpacks as they walked along a pavement next to the race.
One wore a white baseball cap and a white and turquoise jumper and spoke in a local accent.
Pageau, a male wearing glasses and a baseball cap walked inside the supermarket around 5 p.
Sitting on a chair with his walker, 85-year-old Floyd Heinz took off his baseball cap to show everyone at the 10th hole where Florida's Raymond Floyd had signed it.
Award-winning journalist (and ball cap collector) James Lilliefors presents Ball Cap Nation: A Journey Through the World of America's National Hat, an amazing history of the baseball cap accessible to readers of all backgrounds, from sports enthusiasts to serious-minded scholars of fashion and headwear.