baseball bat

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an implement used in baseball by the batter

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He denied smacking the teenager's legs with a baseball bat, saying: "Neither of us had baseball bats.
A MAN has been jailed for three years after repeated threats with a baseball bat.
Gallagher added: "I didn't have any weapons but I saw a man who I didn't know with a baseball bat wearing dark clothing.
Carolina Clubs wood baseball bats rival the best and most popular wood bats on the market today," asserted Myles A.
Police said they threatened and hit the shopkeeper at the Kings Road store with the baseball bat, before stealing a quantity of cash and cigarettes.
Sixteen specimens were obtained from manufactured professional baseball bats and 10 specimens were obtained from professional baseball bat stock prior to being manufactured into bats.
I put on my fire fighter's hat, pick up a baseball bat, and grab a rubber duck .
Sean Murphy, prosecuting, said when McIlwham stormed in with a baseball bat, staff member Shirley Oxburgh coolly pressed the alarm.
After a delay, the Pentagon finally acknowledged that Winchell had been beaten to death with a baseball bat, in part because the perpetrator believed he was gay.
Where is my new baseball bat or snapping turtle shell?
Currently, L sees substantial growth opportunity in the fishing pole business, and would like to focus all his energies in that direction, while N sees the same opportunity in the baseball bat business; R would like to retire.
She learned that pairs of objects go together -- say, a ring and a baseball bat, and the same baseball bat and a clothes hanger--and then realized on her own that the ring, bat, and hanger form a group of interchangeable objects.
A FOOTBALLER is facing a prison sentence after a jury found him guilty of smashing a baseball bat over a man's head.
He was struck over the head with a baseball bat during the robbery in Sheepridge on Wednesday night.
11-Year-Old Slugger Helps Family Business Target New Generation of Youth Ball Players With USSSA-Approved Carolina Clubs MyWay (TM) Aluminum Baseball Bat