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a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players

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a ball used in playing baseball

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If Czarnecki, 58, himself a one-time baseball player at Cleveland High School, gets misty-eyed reminiscing about future stars who have been outfitted at his store, he can be excused.
If for a long time they felt (justifiably) that they were yelling into the abyss, now there's a sense that the work they do may have a concrete impact, that it will help shape the decisions of at least a few key people, and that this in turn will eventually alter for the better the way baseball is played.
When I was a youngster growing up on Harlem's "Sugar Hill," I saw all the great white players, never realizing I'd ever live to see a black man playing major league baseball.
2) Many baseball reporters claim the story is apocryphal, but others insist on its verity.
Since time immemorial, owners of major league baseball teams have blamed others for their teams' financial failures.
On the one hand, he and his colleagues at a biomechanics lab at the University of California, Davis have been helping forge a better understanding of what makes a baseball curve.
FEW COSTA RICANS CAN NAME THE teams likely to face off in the World Series, yet the country sits front and center in this season's baseball headlines.
It was the one position in baseball that was most like football.
At the press conference, Brown touted a new CPSC report recommending softer baseballs with spongy cores made of polyurethane, rubber, or kapok, and protective equipment such as batting helmets with face guards, and break-away bases, which loosen from their anchoring on impact, for children's baseball leagues.
If Francisco Balderrama didn't care enough to inspire the students of his Chicano Studies class at Cal State Los Angeles to collect all the oral history they could to go along with other artifacts on the city's rich heritage of Mexican-American baseball going back to the 1930s, then why should anyone else have?
David Mermin is a physicist with a philosophical bent and a passion for baseball.
Senate from Minnesota in 1978, baseball fans finally had a chance for revenge.
There's also an Arena Football League team, two Major League Soccer teams, a minor league baseball team, two pro tennis tournaments and numerous college athletic events.