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a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players

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a ball used in playing baseball

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Upon the baseball field Joe Welling stood by first base, his whole body quivering with excitement.
The Winesburg baseball team, under his manage- ment, was winning game after game, and the town had begun to respect him.
Tony Czarnecki remembers a young boy just getting into baseball who would come into his Canoga Park sporting goods store in awe of his older brother who was already a star in the West Hills Little League program.
According to many observers, Jackson's response, and the scandal it reflected, led to the downfall of Americans' faith in the purity of baseball, and in the integrity of this American institution.
CALVIN GRIFFITH, ONETIME OWNER of the original Washington Senators baseball team, was once asked why he moved the team in 1960 from Washington, D.
Even in baseball, there's pure science and there's applied science.
The Rawlings baseball made in Costa Rica is kicking up some controversy.
COACH: Where would you say your baseball career really began - when you first started playing baseball seriously?
or some other baseball great, but a bureaucrat: Ann Brown, the chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Pascarelli to Write Exclusive Insider Strike Updates for Baseball Daily
Under Armour to host All-America Baseball Tournament in Tucson, Arizona, January 12(th) through the 14(th)
If Francisco Balderrama didn't care enough to inspire the students of his Chicano Studies class at Cal State Los Angeles to collect all the oral history they could to go along with other artifacts on the city's rich heritage of Mexican-American baseball going back to the 1930s, then why should anyone else have?
Meanwhile, tiny New Gutenberg Software honed its own baseball product for Windows(TM), Baseball '94: The Complete Interactive Preview Guide.
David Mermin is a physicist with a philosophical bent and a passion for baseball.
Senate from Minnesota in 1978, baseball fans finally had a chance for revenge.