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a baseball player on the team at bat who is on base (or attempting to reach a base)

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Plus it keeps your weak base runners from possibly being picked off.
He retired 10 of the next 11 batters he faced with an error accounting for the only Tigers base runner during that stretch.
Without such a player, this play is definitely not worth the risk, no matter how badly a base runner might be deceived.
Make sure that the on-deck batter is on the first-base side of home plate to clean away the bat and mask and also to tell the base runner whether to slide or stay up while attempting to score.
Drill your base runners on rounding first base with a purpose.
2) Jill Roy connects before reaching on an infield error during the fifth inning, Jesse Burkett's only base runner yesterday.
With what areas of a right-handed pitcher's body should a base runner be concerned?
This strategy might produce more than one additional base runner per game, as compared to swinging away.
If, in his judgment, a ball was bobbled and the base runner is declared safe, the errant fielder is eliminated.
Shappi did not allow a base runner to second until the sixth inning, when Kris Dufner doubled, and did not allow a run until Josh Asanovich hit a solo home run in the eighth inning.
45) that a line drive off the bat will arrive at a base runner 10 feet off third base (assuming the planes are identical).
It got the run home and got us another base runner in scoring position, and that was important as well.
The JetHawks held the Mavericks to six hits and didn't allow a base runner past second until the seventh, when Travis Hinton went to third on a 5-4-3 double play.
The JetHawks' staff didn't allow a Storm base runner to reach third Sunday.