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the interest rate set by the Bank of England for lending to other banks

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The company also lowered its natural gas base rate increase to less than 2% in June.
Last month the bank cut its base rate, or the minimum rate of lending, by 0.
Base rate, the new benchmark system for pricing loans, has been implemented by banks from 1 July.
Economists expect the base rate to be reduced by at least 0.
For customers wishing to benefit from this type of product tracking Bank of England base rate and not wanting to pay any fees, the Society has launched a Fee Free 3-year Base Rate Tracker mortgage.
A 'shadow MPC', which includes Professor Patrick Minford of Cardiff Business School, is recommending a more hawkish approach, suggesting that the base rate should rise this month to 5%.
Welcoming this month's decision by the Bank of England to freeze base rate at six per cent for the ten month running, Mr Parker said that all the most important signs continued to indicate that the rate had peaked.
With base rate dropping to 5 per cent in recent months, these mortgages are growing in popularity.
DE), India's largest private sector lender, has marginally reduced its base rate to 9.
However, the bank did not reduce its base rate, which remains at 9.
LONDON, June 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Looking at base rate changes over the last fourteen years, reductions in the Bank of England Base Rate have ranged from 0.
This means that the rate will go up and down as the Bank of England base rate changes.
Fitch's Stable Outlook for Mon Power was based on the expectation of an improvement in credit ratios as a result of the implementation of a requested base rate increase and the original $338 million scrubber cost estimate.
NS) (NYSE: HDC) has cut base rate or minimum lending rate by 0.