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one of the pairs of chemical bases joined by hydrogen bonds that connect the complementary strands of a DNA molecule or of an RNA molecule that has two strands

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They affect more base pairs in the human genome than any other type of variation.
The work builds on research published in Nature last year that described the first in vivo replication of DNA containing a synthetic base pair, named d5SICS TP and dNaM TP (abbreviated X and Y).
When two DNA single strands can align with each other, each of the H-bonds that can form between the correct A:T and G:C base pairs has a small attractive energy.
The project has involved around 3,000 schoolchildren from Cheshire and Staffordshire, who have helped to build the base pairs.
Then, they allow molecules containing both sequences to mix in a test tube in salt water, where they naturally will match up to one another if the base pairs are intact.
Today we have shown the first example of a synthetic base pair undergoing DNA replication in a single-cell organism.
Using computational modeling, we further validated that individual bases can roll over inside the double helix to achieve these Hoogsteen base pairs," said Ioan Andricioaei, an associate professor of chemistry at the University of California, Irvine.
Our scientists have introduced AEGIS base pairs into bDNA to reduce assay background and increase sensitivity.
In this role, U is removed enzymatically from an incorrect AU base pair, and then pol [Iota] replaces it with T, a reaction that calls on the dRPase activity of pol [Iota] and that is highly accurate.
The device may someday lead to a sensor that can detect a single base pair difference in a target-DNA sequence, Ha says.
The results showed that the presence of at least one 252 base pair (bp) allele was associated with increased skeletal densitometric and ultrasound parameters and the presence of at least one 378 bp allele was associated with decreased densitometric measurements.
A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), a single base pair variation, is the most commonly occurring variation in DNA.
7 percent of chimp and human DNA, whereas single base pair differences represent 1.
TargetSeq(TM) is able to produce 200 to 400 base pair sequencing reads in 20 minutes or less, increasing the daily production capacity of the 3730 series instruments to greater than 2.