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a structure or device in which one end is counterbalanced by the other (on the principle of the seesaw)

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Five years later electric controls, which raised the bascules at the push of a button, were installed and the bridge could be run with a staff of a dozen.
The new plan, a bascule bridge with two Gothic towers and upper pedestrian walkways, was formally adopted with the passing of the Tower Bridge Act of 1885.
Wienstein in 1899 reported caecal bascule as folding of caecum anterior to ascending colon producing a flap valve occlusion to caecal emptying.
1,2) Of these, approximately ten percent are caecal bascules.
Tucked away at the far end of Newcastle's quayside, Bascules Bar and Bistro, once known as The Fog on the Tyne, overlooks the many boats and expensive houses and provides a peaceful setting for a good meal or chilled-out drink.
On average it is opened 900 times a year to let tall ships and cruise liners pass and although in bygone days, vessels would signal the bridge watchman to raise the two bascules carrying traffic, today 24 hours notice is required.
The latest technology from the Industrial Revolution, hydraulic power, would be used to lift the bascules and the pedestrian footbridge elevators.
But the curved steel span would not give sufficient clearance for the bascules (rom the French word for a see-saw) to open fully, and Jones temporarily shelved his |hasty' plan.
1 Engine room: Discover the huge and beautifully maintained steam engines, furnaces and accumulators that were once used to power the raising of the bridge's bascules.
cration d~environ 27 coffrets doubles de distributions (chacun quip de 2 inverseurs de source bascules, 4 interrupteurs, 12 disjoncteurs modulaires, .