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a structure or device in which one end is counterbalanced by the other (on the principle of the seesaw)

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The facility consists of one bascule bridge and two low-level bridges as well as two causeway islands.
Railway bridge consists of fixed gitterfag, with a bascule leaves the fairway.
Soulignant qu'avec l'installation de cet equipement de pointe, acquis par l'Office national de la culture et de l'information (Onci), Constantine aura bascule vers le cinema numerique, la meme source a precise que la mise en place du DCP sera effectuee par une entreprise internationale de production d'equipements de cinema.
Mais tout bascule quand Si Albachir, DG de l'entreprise est mute dans une nouvelle filiale et remplace par Mourad, beau-frere d'un ministre.
La Syrie a bascule dans la guerre civile apres qu'une revolte populaire violemment reprimee par le regime se soit militarisee.
Peel is still working on submitting its outline planning application for the scheme, but development director Lindsey Ashworth said they hoped to begin preparatory work on the site by the middle of the year when they propose to repair the Bascule Bridge over the Leeds-Liverpool canal link - which was earmarked for demolition - and re-open Regent Road, which has been closed for almost two years.
A l'interieur de l'hemicycle, la situation a bascule bien avant l'entame de l'examen des amendements.
For the reconstruction of Cecilia Bridge, a bascule bridge in Oldenburg, the design-AU and the tender documents must be drawn up.
Inside, men spread papers on their tables beneath pictures on the wall of the famous bascule bridge, a drawbridge in more familiar language.
Le score aurait bascule d'un cote comme de l'autre au vu de la prestation des deux protagonistes qui ont fait montre d'un grand fair-play.
In Chicago, Binny's Beverage Depot, the primary retail partner of the Rioja Wine & Tapas Festival, will host Rioja wine tastings in all 31 stores throughout Rioja Week, in addition to Rioja specials at restaurants and bars like Paola's Vinum, Bin 36, Volo, Paramount Room, Salero, Bascule, VIN, The Wine Goddess, Lush, Whole Foods Lincoln Park and many others.
000 spectateurs), tout a bascule en deuxieme periode apres une premiere mi-temps decevante.
He is most well known for his participation in the planning, design, and construction of all types of bridges--particularly long-span and major movable spans including lift, sliding, floating, bascule, and swing.
He listed central library, the Bluecoat, Oriel Chambers, and the Bascule bridge, on Regent Road, as examples of heritage assets that had been or were being renovated.
The incident occurred at the Bascule Bar and Bistro at St Peter's Wharf in Walker at around 9am yesterday, Northumbria Police said.