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a structure or device in which one end is counterbalanced by the other (on the principle of the seesaw)

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This year's Heritage on the Dock programme has expanded to include visits to the Royal Liver Buildings, left, at Liverpool Pier Head, and the Bascule Bridge, at Stanley Dock
The steel bascules were operated by hydraulics using steam to power pumping engines.
However, in type 3 that is caecal bascule, there is anterior and upward folding of caecum over ascending colon.
In another study, the whirl sign was visible in all cases of axial torsion and looptype cecal volvulus, whereas there was no visible whirl sign in cases of cecal bascule.
He listed central library, the Bluecoat, Oriel Chambers, and the Bascule bridge, on Regent Road, as examples of heritage assets that had been or were being renovated.
It happened at around 9am yesterday at the Bascule Bar and Bistro at St Peter's Wharf in Walker.
The incident occurred at the Bascule Bar and Bistro at St Peter's Wharf in Walker at around 9am yesterday, Northumbria Police said.
The second type (making up as much as 30% of cases), illustrated by this case, is the bascule type, where the cecum folds anteriorly and cephalad to the ascending colon, with the production of a flap-valve occlusion at the site of flexion.
4) We report a case of a forty-two year old female who developed a caecal bascule post emergency caesarean section.
Cecal volvus may be classified as Type I and II, where Type I is referred to as a cecal bascule which is an nonobstructive process, and Type II cecal volvus is consistent with obstructive processes.
It consist of a steel composite girder bridge and a bascule bridge to allow clearance for shipping.
To facilitate navigation three locks are operated and three bascule bridges rise to allow vessels between the estuary and the Bay.
Kolkata, Mar 19 (ANI): The famed swing bascule bridge at Kidderpore Port in Kolkata was extensively damaged after an empty cargo ship towed by a tug crashed against the guard wall of the bridge on Wednesday.
At the Bascule Bridge, in the centre of of the town, residents said the sea was at least 5ft higher than its usual level by 7.
The leaves of the bascule bridges [drawbridges] are very sensitive to changes in the movable span's dead load [that is, the bridge's own weight]," Holcomb says.