basal metabolism

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the amount of energy required to maintain the body of an individual in a resting state

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The parameters used in this present study were weight, height, basal metabolism, fat body mass, lean body mass, body fat percentage and fat free mass percentage.
Three ATP or reducing ability-generating metabolisms were heightened more than other basal metabolisms in J.
Tzankoff SP and AH Norris Longitudinal changes in basal metabolism in man.
The Basal Metabolism before, during and after pregnancy.
A further advantage of exercise is that, while a diet alone reduces basal metabolism, exercise during dieting actually increases the basal metabolic rate and thus, post exercise energy expenditure enhancing additional weight loss is greater than could be achieved by either dieting or exercise alone (25-27).
At basal metabolism, the VO2 determines the overall metabolic rate of the body since the overall metabolic rate is directly coupled with hydrogen removal in the electron transport chain.
Key words: basal metabolism, energy metabolism, nutrition assessment, nutrition support.
Basal metabolism is the energy used to maintain life when a body is at complete physical, emotional and digestive rest (Whitney, Cataldo, & Roffes, 2002).
The new product can measure not only weight and body fat but also visceral fat, basal metabolism, muscle bulk, and bone mass (estimated value).
The maintenance energy requirement is the energy needed to carry on the activities associated with the animal's basal metabolism as well as activities (strains) associated with combating environmental stressors.
But strength training helps improve basal metabolism and promotes more muscle mass and bone.