basal metabolic rate

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the rate at which heat is produced by an individual in a resting state


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The relationship between diet quality and basal metabolic rate in endotherms: Insights from intraspecific analysis.
Basal metabolic rate was measured twice for each individual for 10 minutes by open circuit indirect calorimetry using the Douglas bag technique.
By comparing tropical and temperate birds' basal metabolic rate (BMR)--the amount of energy spent to breathe and live while at rest--scientists discovered that the tropical birds use less energy to maintain normal bodily functions than their temperate cousins.
The website combines walking data delivered by a USB Pocket Pedometer(TM) with other fitness activities and basal metabolic rates to determine the calories burned.
These data indicate that nutrient allocation to reproduction is affected by culture temperature and may be related to temperature-dependent hormonal control mechanisms and/or changes in basal metabolic rates (energy allocation) at various temperatures.
Firstly, Northern Fulmars and other procellariiforms generally have lower basal metabolic rates (BMR) than other seabirds (Bryant and Furness 1995).
A key issue in evolutionary physiology concerns the observed wide range of variation among organisms in their basal metabolic rates (BMR).
Caffeine increases the work capacity of muscles (Liska, 1986) and may slightly raise basal metabolic rates (Ray & Ksir, 1990; The United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc.
Research performed on smokers at rest indicates that nicotine itself can increase basal metabolic rates, meaning smokers burn more calories than nonsmokers during periods of inactivity.