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a sculptural relief in which forms extend only slightly from the background

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Over the centuries, the resulting freestanding statues, bas-relief carvings, and immense chandeliers-all carved from salt-have gained worldwide artistic and cultural renown.
The lobby features a 65-foot vaulted ceiling of stained glass, glittering gold-leaf mirrors and bas-relief sculptures.
Thus, it was those very inexpensive expanded-polystyrene (EPS) faces/half-heads that became the catalyst for tremendously creative bas-relief art projects.
FOR more than six months, through gales, rain and snow, the Hepworth Art Group has been engaged in carving, in bas-relief, a one ton block of stone which will shortly be unveiled as a village bench for all to use while waiting for the bus.
On February 14, a two-kilogram stone fragment of a bas-relief from Persepolis was found in the possession of the South Korean Embassy's third secretary as he tried to board a plane at Shiraz Airport.
Leckie describes his creations as "modern images in classical representation," noting that many Roman and Greek temples were filled with bas-relief.
They seem to reach a threshold, a minimum depth, which preserves them from invisibility and locates them in an ambiguous dimension, between painting, bas-relief, and full-fledged sculpture.
All the time Patrick would look like some classical Grecian athlete on a bas-relief and barely break sweat .
The Spirit of Hope Award bas-relief sculpture of Bob Hope was created in his honor in 1997 by St.
Many of these kings viewed themselves as living incarnations of these gods,'' says Christine Knoke, assistant curator at the Norton Simon museum, whose extensive permanent collection of Southeast Asian Art includes several larger-than-life stone statues of Vishnu and a 37-inch-high by 21-inch-wide bas-relief.
Fred's more robust contours are clad in neutral stucco, animated by a wavy bas-relief pattern and undulating lines of windows that extrude slightly from the curving wall planes.
Isadora Duncan's Sicilienne (1907), for instance, found a toga-clad Steinberg pointing up its antique animation; her chin jutted in profile, her curved arms extended in bas-relief while slow gallops and plastic skips seemed suspended in space by their buoyant shapeliness.
Later, when the coated chip is immersed in a weak-alkaline developer bath, the acid regions dissolve, leaving behind bas-relief structures like those shown here.
It is a set of four bas-relief panels depicting pivotal events in the life of Former President George Bush Senior.
Bas-relief is a sculpture technique, which is as old as humankind's artistic explorations and is closely related to high relief.