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a sculptural relief in which forms extend only slightly from the background

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Camme: Pieces sculpted in bas-relief on a single gemstone, mounted on silver and vermeil silver.
The limestone bas-relief shows a guard holding a spear and is smaller than a sheet of writing paper.
The church is famous for the bas-relief on its facade, 'Rendicion de Tetuan.
A bas-relief to national hero Yuriy Kovalyov, a graduate of the school, was installed in the yard of the school.
Instead, a bas-relief based on an iconic photograph of the former Plaid president waving to a crowd of his supporters was unveiled in Carmarthen's Guildhall Square last week.
This exhibition features their recent paintings, supplemented by experimental approaches to photography and digital processing of images, as well as printing and casting surfaces into bas-relief.
A shaded veranda features a canopied four-poster daybed, deck loungers and sitting area, a luxurious bathroom and a linen-canopied bed -- all in rooms of granite, tropical timbers and bas-relief.
C'est le sculpteur du bas-relief, c'est Jensen, l'auteur d'un roman?
In that time he has won numerous awards, created over 3,000 individual portraits, inspiring monuments, completed numerous private commissions, as well as an impressive collection of bas-relief fresco artwork.
A bronze bas-relief of the Statue of Liberty and one of a woman who symbolizes Republican Brazil fill the top third of the stone.
New works presented in Mathaf include the eponymous L'age d'or, a bas-relief work of gold-plated brass depicting the artist's four young daughters and Julie a life size sculpture of the artist's wife, made from both salt stone from Siwa and a rock local to the region of Qatar.
Extend the activity by teaching students how to make a bas-relief lion.
The main bronze bas-relief in the middle part depicts a group of Russian and Bulgarian soldiers led by Nike, the Ancient Greek goddess of victory, who raises her sword high above.
If false and genuine intimacy serves as the central motif of this bas-relief, force flanks it.