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a sculptural relief in which forms extend only slightly from the background

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Apart from printing of bas reliefs, PhotoToMesh has been used in medical and topographic applications for creating solid models of internal organs and geographical maps.
Another bas relief portrays Bahram, a son of Shapur I.
Pedwar ymgeisydd a aeth ati i gystadlu yng nghystadleuaeth Rhif 173, yn yr adran Priddfeini a Llestri Pridd, a oedd yn gofyn am fodel o Afr y Fyddin Gymreig, mewn Bas Relief, mewn Terra Cotta, neu fodel o'r Ddraig Goch mewn Bas Relief, mewn Terra Cotta - dipyn o gamp, a braf fyddai cael gweld y ceisiadau am y wobr o pounds 2 2s.
The inscription under the bas relief - "Love wisdom, and seek her out from thy youth," done in capital letters - became the theme for the 1955 Chronicle.
Alongside the most pious regard of the Crucifixion (including from a private collection a bas relief in Hopton stone) we find images of lovers in congress.
The inscriptions on the pots matched those on bas relief ceramic tablets, which he believes are tokens of exchange for fixed measures of grain or other commodities.
These include a framed oval bas relief of William H.
Chief among these is a large bas relief that was designed and modelled in black basalt by Wedgwood artist Harry Barnard (1862-1933).
Thomas Lynch's tripartite set--a claustrophobic temple to Diana with rich red walls and extended bas relief, a dark, adjoining antechamber and a gloomy, mysterious alley in the outside world squeezed in on stage right--allowed visually for simultaneous levels of action.
However, since the 18th century and the reign of King Houegbadja's son, King Agaja, the feats and achievements of the Dahomey kings have also been explained by bas relief (low sculpture) plaques made for royal palaces.
Two butterfly books from the Bas Relief Publishing Group are ideal choices for families, schools, and community libraries seeking to augment their "Pets/Life" picture book collections for young children.
They expect to linger for days, touring the immense pyramid adorned with bas relief carvings, which was built in the 12th century.
The Legislature also commissioned a bas relief portrait of Theobald and installed it in the Assembly chamber.
The interiors of tombs were richly decorated with wall paintings and painted bas relief.
Bite the delicate fingers that feed you, and portray it all in bas relief on the side of a cup, alongside the astronomical observations so far ahead of their time blueprints of buildings with fake facades and corbeled arches.