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a woman having literary or intellectual interests


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is more, however, than a mere satire demolishing the literary market and the pretensions of the bas bleu.
It is sad to think that Droste was never to know that she would soon be admired as Germany's foremost woman poet or that the Englishwoman she lampooned as bas bleu in Perdu
His review of Le bas bleu reflects his movement away from a narrow image of intelligence as a masculine trait in which universal fluid is concentrated in the eyes and a more developed model of women's life force.
Although these fantastic novels portray ideal women, Gautier's image of Prascovie and Spirite conforms to his notion of "universal life" as the foundation of all women's intelligence in his review of Le bas bleu.
19) His remarks correspond to his support of women writers in his review of Le bas bleu and to his depiction of Prascovie and Spirite, who transcend the baseness of the world not only through love but also through intellect.
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Mary Delany, and Miss Hannah More, whose poem "The Bas Bleu, or, Conversation" (1786) supplies valuable inside information about them.
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