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a woman having literary or intellectual interests


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is more, however, than a mere satire demolishing the literary market and the pretensions of the bas bleu.
It is sad to think that Droste was never to know that she would soon be admired as Germany's foremost woman poet or that the Englishwoman she lampooned as bas bleu in Perdu
Midnight by Myla, Frost French Floozie and Bas Bleu is in selected Debenhams stores, call (0207) 408-4444, www.
That assistance is available from Bas Bleu, a catalogue that offers inspiring gifts for inquisitive readers.
Bas Bleu translates as bluestocking, and refers to learned mid-18th century women (and men) who gathered in the great salons of London for intellectual conversation and witty banter.
Bas Bleu sells books and gifts that offer elements of wit, wisdom, and joy.
Ophelia (0191 281-0609) is Parisian boutique-chic and carries new and exclusive lines like Bas Bleu, Fleur T, Janet Reger and Emporiana as well as functional classic basics and loungewear from Aloe and the Cash Ca label of cashmere tracksuits, slippers and socks.
Three titles in particular offer some election season humor, available at Bas Bleu (http://www.