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a white or colorless mineral (BaSO4)

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Table 79: India Barytes Production Market Size (INR Billion), 2006-2010
The demand for Barytes is dictated by the drilling activity, which remained low during the year.
Some of the major products manufactured by the company are silica flour, frac sand and proppant, silica sand, filtermedia products (sand, gravel and anthracite), oil-well drilling products, potassium chloride, industrial salt, barytes, calcium chloride, talc, calcium carbonate, bentonite, polybilt, waterproofing and coating products, insulation and industrial gasket products, and colouring master batches.
RockTron's proprietary process offers manufacturers new economic, environmental and application opportunities via its new 100% recycled, Advanced Products Range, which include hollow and solid alumino-silicate microspheres (<1 to 300 micron) and solid paramagnetic microspheres, designed to replace imported conventional and man-made inorganic fillers / extenders such as talc, GCC, glass fibres, glass microspheres, barytes, dolomite, clay et al.
During this period, YSR was at the centre of several controversies, including the barytes mining lease to his father and the acquisition of AP Carbides Limited by his family.
Ltd Volclay Korea Ltd Laporte Malaysia Sdn Bhd Taiko Group Arcillas Industriales de Durango SA de CV FVR Minerales Industriales Quimica Sumex SA de CV Tecnica Mineral SA de CV Compagnie Marocaine des Barytes Miniere d'Afarha Bentonite SA Morocco Minerals Co.
In addition, there are deposits of clay, kaolin, silica sand, semi-precious stones, barytes, salt, tin, copper, iron ore, zinc, lead, granite, gypsum and tungsten.
Minerals * Calcium carbonate (ground and precipitated) * Silica (fumed, precipitated, gel, crystalline, and diatomaceous) * Kaolin (hydrous, calcined, and delaminated) * Mica (dry and wet ground) * Talc * Wollastonite * Feldspar/Nepheline * Barytes
1) Nuricon Union for representation 2) Procyon as US affiliates 3) Nuricon Petroservices for oilfield services 4) Pakistan Tubular for tubular inspection and 5) Siprion Petrotools for Barytes and Mud chemicals.
Tenders are invited for Excavation and Removal of 90 Lakh CBM of Overburden and 30 Lakh MTs of Barytes Ore (ROM) per annum from the Open Cast Mine situated at Mangampet Village, Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh on unit rate basis for a period of 3 years and extendable by two periods each of one year at the sole discretion of the corporation.
supplies barytes, blanc fixe, precipitated ATH, ATH, zinc sulfide, and natural magnesium hydroxide.
Zinc oxide, barytes and black iron oxide also find some specialized uses.
PPL in a 50-50 joint venture with the government of Balochistan has also set up Bolan Mining Enterprise (BME) which produces API grade oil well drilling barytes powder from Khuzdar (Balochistan).
Tenders are invited for Tenders Are Invited For The Stores: Barytes Type-2 To Specn Jss-6810-51-2013 (Rev.
MAJOR PRODUCTS The major products of Delmon are silica sand, filtermedia (Filter Sand, Gravel and Anthracite), oilwell drilling products, industrial salt, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, barytes, calcium carbonate, talc, bentonite, polybilt and plastic colouring masterbatches, waterproofing and coating products, insulation and industrial gasket products.