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United States explorer who accompanied Peary's expedition to the North Pole and who led many other Arctic trips (1875-1946)

United States publisher and editor who compiled a book of familiar quotations (1820-1905)

juicy yellow pear

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He preferred to talk to Lucy, whose playing he remembered, rather than to Miss Bartlett, who probably remembered his sermons.
That lady looks so clever," whispered Miss Bartlett to her cousin.
Miss Bartlett was already seated on a tightly stuffed arm-chair, which had the colour and the contours of a tomato.
Am I to conclude," said Miss Bartlett, "that he is a Socialist?
Miss Bartlett sedulously denied disapproving of any one, and added "I am afraid you are finding me a very depressing companion.
Miss Bartlett," he cried, "it's all right about the rooms.
Not till then did Miss Bartlett reply: "My own wishes, dearest Lucy, are unimportant in comparison with yours.
Gentlemen sometimes do not realize--" Her voice faded away, but Miss Bartlett seemed to understand and a conversation developed, in which gentlemen who did not thoroughly realize played a principal part.
I want to explain," said Miss Bartlett, "why it is that I have taken the largest room.
Miss Bartlett only sighed, and enveloped her in a protecting embrace as she wished her good-night.
Miss Bartlett, in her room, fastened the window-shutters and locked the door, and then made a tour of the apartment to see where the cupboards led, and whether there were any oubliettes or secret entrances.
Start off the race season right with this fast, fun, and flat 5K/10K run hosted by Bartlett Park District's LIFECENTER Health & Fitness Club.
HFF) announced today that it has closed the sale of Bartlett Towne Center, a 192,624-square-foot, Kroger-anchored neighborhood retail center in the Memphis-area community of Bartlett, Tennessee.
Bartlett, as you know, is the former co-owner of Turner Grain Merchandising of Brinkley, which also filed for bankruptcy protection in 2014.
WEBSTER -- For the Bartlett High basketball team, a deficit is not so much a number as it as a math problem.