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Synonyms for barter


Synonyms for barter

an equal exchange

exchange goods without involving money

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After 23 years in the industry, Curtis says the only way to learn the business of bartering is to jump right in.
As bartering increases, it becomes increasingly important to account for these transactions on a consistent basis.
Barter Advantage's "Barter Basics" provides a free, brief introduction to bartering arrangements and their benefits.
In addition to a knowledge of the bartering technique, he said, "they require a keen understanding of the concept of real estate value.
Although bartering can conceivably be used in leasing as well as subleasing transactions, most landlords, unlike tenants, cannot maximize value from the types of goods and services that bartering firms offer.
By bartering, a company can generate new sales and higher volumes of business, conserve cash for essential expenditures and reduce unit costs, says IRTA's chief executive officer, Paul Suplizio.
While other dot coms where spending millions on mass media, Synergy Brands was bartering those advertising services for other goods and services.
We are trying to take online bartering sites to the next level, and with the ability to move far beyond conventional simple listings of products, BarterItOnline starts to achieve one of the great potential innovations of Internet e-commerce -- true interactivity.
To facilitate the bartering process, an automated matching agent constantly searches for potential trades and notifies users of any matches.
And, Tao says, bartering eliminates collusion and market manipulation common in auction formats.
By bartering, IBC clients are able to create incremental sales, reduce excess inventory and preserve cash flow.
IBC) (OTC:IBCX), today launches a new concept in Internet commerce, an on-line site for bartering products and services at www.
The Ubarter site allows consumers and businesses an on-line service for bartering products and services.
IBC) (OTC:IBCX), announced today the establishment of a new concept in Internet commerce -- an online site for bartering products and services.
Cozzocrea has been active in bartering for several years.