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Synonyms for barter


Synonyms for barter

an equal exchange

exchange goods without involving money

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As such, CPA advisors should be knowledgeable about the correct tax treatment of bartered transactions.
According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association, more than 250,000 American businesses bartered $9.
A company can give the bartered goods or services as a bonus or as part of a compensation package--without tapping cash.
Homo economicus either bartered or made do with what he caught, foraged or grew himself.
So, you're required to report bartered goods and services on your taxes.
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) provide little specific information on dealing with bartered transactions.
In the last five years, Casio has successfully bartered $25 million worth of excess inventory, restructuring our balance sheet.
The trading company, which has bartered for the trade credits, realizes a profit in the spread between what he has paid for the trade credits and the rent realized from the lease.