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an employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar

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Friday's, which operates more than 900 restaurants in more than 60 countries, is also famous for its knowledgeable and charismatic bartenders, approximately 8,000 of whom compete annually for the title of the "Greatest T.
Free-pouring is a stylish technique extremely popular with bartenders because it's also the most expedient method of pouring.
While there can be only one global winner, the bartender talent on show throughout the WORLD CLASS experience will demonstrate how the knowledge of quality spirits, the pedigree of ingredients and the pioneering of drinks-making techniques are cultivating next-level creativity underlining the fact that bartenders are as talented and creative as their chef counterparts.
th] September 2015, to battle it out against 50 of the world's best bartenders for the coveted 'Bartender of the Year' title.
Two Coventry bartenders are looking to prove they have the fastest hands in the land as they compete in a national competition.
European brand ambassador for Don Julio Tequila Deano Moncrieffe is involved in training the best bartenders across Europe for the tequila category; he talks trends and more
Full of praise for his employee, Bonbar's owner, Antony Michaelides, said: "Johny is one of the best bartenders we've ever had and we weren't surprised when he was shortlisted.
Summary: Four of Lebanon's top bartenders made it to the country final of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition, beating eight other opponents with their own specialty cocktails.
Whether you call them "Bartender's Choice," "Dealer's Choice" or "Tender's Whim," personalized cocktails offer an intriguing gamble to customers, and a willing challenge for bartenders.
The world's best bartenders arrive in Scotland today to battle it out for a prestigious title.
As we watched the competing bartenders rise up to the challenge, some with shaking hands ( much to my horror
Tasmanians are being encouraged to support their local bartenders in a campaign to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.
A pilot study by Ohio State University, Columbus, suggests that some bartenders may be in a good position to identify veterans in need of mental health services and help connect them to the appropriate agency.
A NEW twist was given to traditional Cypriot booze last weekend as bartenders from across the island came together to give it their all in the First Pancyprian Original Cyprus Cocktail Competition coordinated by the Cyprus Bartenders Association.