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an employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar

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Pola himself has picked up international awards for his bartending expertise, including being crowned World Champion of the 42-Below Cocktail World Cup 2011 and Best Bartender in the rum category of the Madrid International Rum Fest 2015.
After being crowned Huddersfield's Best Bartender, Ciprian revealed that the key to success is being an avid reader of books about cocktail making.
So to help you help the bar staff thisNew Year's Eve,Business Insiderspoke to Elena Alvarez, bartender atThe Airlinerin Iowa.
If Andras is victorious in the UK Final, he will head to the US to take part in the TGI Fridays World Bartender Championship where he will compete to be crowned the World's Greatest Bartender and win a top prize of $10,000.
Glenfiddich will host the final of the Experimental Bartender Competition on Wednesday 13th September at Le Cirque in DIFC, Dubai.
Fernet became a rite of passage among bartenders: If a bartender poured a shot for a customer (usually another bartender) and another for themselves, it was called a "bartender's handshake.
Once the order is placed, the robots use human-like movements to retrieve a glass, fill up the "head" where the drink is mixed, shaken or stirred with motions mimicking a human bartender.
Seagull Scientific has announced the immediate launch of the BarTender Print Portal App, making business label printing as easy and flexible as using your tablet or smartphone.
After joining the TGIfridays Bartender Competition for seven consecutive years, ALDRIN JAVAR of TGIFridays Fairview finally took home the elusive crown and the title 'King of the Bar' at the recent 21st TGIFridays 'Shake, Rattle, and Pour'.
In a Huffington Post article published last year about why it is a bad idea to call a bartender a "mixologist," all of the bartenders the author interviewed would rather be simply called a bartender, nothing more, nothing less.
cocktail MOVE over Tom Cruise - a bartender from Newcastle cocktail hotspot Bonbar has been shortlisted for the UK World Class Bartender competition.
Each bartender created a cocktail using Bacardi rum as the main ingredient.
The 50 shakers and stirrers will showcase their cocktail craft and mixing skills in an attempt to be named World Class Bartender of the Year.
a manufacturer of specialty printers, has announced it is now providing Seagull Scientific's award-winning BarTender software for label design and printing with many of its color label printers.
The BarTab feature within WillCall app lets users buy drinks at participating venues by saying their name, and the bartender can identify the guest via Bluetooth Low Energy.