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a hawker of fruit and vegetables from a barrow

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But we can report that the barrow-boy is all smiles when he turns up most weekends to pursue his lucrative sideline at the busy stall.
So why not spice up the invention tests by getting Gregg to flog the wannabes their ingredients like the market barrow-boy he once was?
So, instead of rough, cockney barrow-boy barkings of "Wot's that load of bleedin' old toot" from a grumpy bloke with a grey beard, we get "I keel you, we shall 'ave blood on zee walls," and "I sink I fire everybody", from a grumpy bloke with a grey beard.
Because I have a Cockney accent I'm perceived as some sort of barrow-boy," he said.
There's Billy the barrow-boy from the 1980s, the now demolished Kings Heath Primary School and the swimming baths.
Mercifully, at least one conceit seems to have been toned down since then, adding a modicum of aristocratic bearing to the portrayal of the Count (Christopher Purves here) and making him a little less of a barrow-boy medallion man.
PETER DEAN, 58, played barrow-boy Pete Beale for eight years before being killed off in 1993.
Former barrow-boy David Santini was jailed for 13 years for orchestrating a heroin deal worth more than pounds 1million.
The barrow-boy behaviour by Swiss bankers at UBS, who fixed interbank lending rates, has impacted unfairly on hundreds of millions of ordinary people.
As the world's economy staggers, it's not just the bankers and the ruthless barrow-boy investors that the government should be reining in.
HIS barrow-boy Cockney accent once offended the snooty wife of a general.
1 NORMAN FOWLER The former Tory minister turns out to be a long-lost relative of Pauline Fowler and returns to the bosom of his Cockney family to help barrow-boy Martin deal with his crap wife Sonia.
But here's proof Dannii can't think for herself: even when Kylie looks a bit rubbish in a too-small trilby or barrow-boy flat cap, Dannii still follows in her fashion footsteps.